3 SIMPLE WAYS to CURL YOUR HAIR in 10 minutes.

CURLS, CURLS, CURLS. everybody loves them! which is exactly why you should always have a few HAIR CURLING HACKS up your sleeve.  for best results, slightly dirty hair holds its curl much better than freshly washed hair.  so try to wash your hair the day before you intend to curl it.

use these 3 SIMPLE WAYS to CURL YOUR HAIR in 10 minutes and rock those voluminous curls no matter how busy your schedule is.


Image Source: Cosmopolitan

BEACH WAVES always bring a bit of summer to your door (even when it’s the middle of winter).  these tousled curls can be easily achieved with every girl’s best friend: THE FLAT IRON.

  1. begin by SEPARATING YOUR HAIR into 2 SECTIONS.  for now, clip one out of your way.
  2. take the loose side of your hair and apply a pre-styler like PROTECT.
  3. LIGHTLY twist the two sections and then WRAP them around one another.
  4. USE THE FLAT IRON to ‘clamp’ your way down the hair.  DO NOT treat the twisted hair like your typical straightening job.  START at the top of your head. PRESS DOWN and count to 10 before moving to the next portion.
  5. ALLOW YOUR HAIR TO COOL before undoing the twists in your hair.
  6. PULL the twists apart and apply a flexible hairspray like FIX.



Image Source: LouLou


looking for those BIG, BOLD. and BEAUTIFUL CURLS?  with a large barrel curling iron and a hair tie you can have classic curls in a few minutes.

  1. BRUSH your hair out and put it in a ponytail on the CROWN of your head.
  2. BEGIN the CURLING PROCESS by selecting sections of hair and curling. (the larger sections you wrap around the CURLING IRON, the curls will be looser and you’ll have less CURLS on your head. for lots of tight curls, the opposite is true.)
  3. TAKE THE PONYTAIL out after you’ve curled all of your hair.
  4. SET THE CURLS with a flexible and firm hairspray like FIX.



Image Source: Cosmopolitan


for BEAUTIFULLY STRUCTURED GLAM CURLS, you’ll need to use a small to medium barrel curling iron.  

  1. apply pre-styler like PROTECT and brush through your hair.
  1. SEPARATE your hair into 4 or 5 separate sections.  you may have more or less depending on the thickness of your hair.
  1. WRAP the larger sections around your curling iron and hold for 10-15 seconds.
  2. much like ‘scrunching’ hair you’ll want to hold the curl upwards for a few seconds before allowing it to fall.
  3. SPRAY with FIX hairspray.


everyone has had their share of HAIR CURLING PROBLEMS.  whether you’re lacking texture or have heavy, thick hair that seems impossible to manage: it all comes down to 2 factors.


  • make sure you aren’t OVER-TREATING your hair by shampooing too often.
  • ALWAYS use heat protectant and NEVER use the highest heat setting
  • REPAIR damaged hair with products that NOURISH your HAIR (instead of just covering up a problem).


  • AVOID SULFATES that strip the moisture and protein out of your hair.
  • ALWAYS look for ALL NATURAL HAIR CARE PRODUCTS.  not only are they LIGHTER than other products so they don’t weigh down your hair or create build up (plus, they’re invisible and allow for optimal styling).


CURLING YOUR HAIR doesn’t have to take forever.  with the RIGHT PRODUCTS by your side, anything is possible.  if you have a hard time getting your curls to hold,  make sure you aren’t using WEIGHTED products that are adding weight to your hair.  more importantly, make sure you’re TAKING CARE OF YOUR HAIR.


at the end of the day, it’s always easier to STYLE HEALTHY HAIR than to style damaged hair.  


have any HAIR CURLING HACKS of your own?  share them in the comments!  don’t forget to stay tuned for video tutorials!  they’re coming soon :)

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