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3 Steps to Making Your Style Last All Day Long, and then some…

We all love great hair and the way it makes us feel. The problem though is that we don’t all have 30 minutes to spend doing our hair every day. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just do it once and let it last for days? Well you can and here’s the secret.

1. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. For example, if your hair and scalp are already very healthy and you choose a very heavy conditioner, chances are you will have trouble getting your style to stay. Your hair is already naturally producing the oil it needs so adding a heavy conditioner can just cause it to get greasier faster.

2. Make sure that you are washing and rinsing your hair well. We all can get lazy sometimes in our day to day routines.

The proper way to shampoo is to lather, rinse, REPEAT. Give your scalp a good scrub and rinse. Repeat this cycle a second time. The first cycle will lift the dirt and the second cycle will remove the dirt. You’ll notice that you won’t need as much shampoo for the second cycle. Start by trying half the amount of shampoo for your second cycle.

The proper way to condition is to coat the hair, comb it through (with a comb or even just your fingers), let it sit for 2-5 minutes. Then give it a THOROUGH rinse. We all have had those times where we were rushing in the shower and once were out we notice all the conditioner still trapped around our crown and nape. Having conditioner still left in your hair is no better than styling greasy hair so make sure to get it all out.

*TIP* Just shampoo your scalp and condition from your mid-shaft to ends. Let Mother Nature balance out the rest; the ends of your hair will always be drier than your scalp because it doesn’t have the oil production from your head coating it.

 3. Choose weightless products that will give you the look you want without leaving your hair gunky. Invisible products will allow you to just freshen up on day 2 and wear your hairstyle for a second day.

If you’re going to flat iron or curl your hair, choose a light weight heat protector like ‘nvenn’s protect’ to shield your hair from the heat without leaving behind a residue that you will need to wash out at the end of your day. Use dry shampoo when needed to absorb any minor grease or odor that may arise before your next shampoo. Finish your style with a weightless split end mender like ‘nvenn’s smooth’. Smooth will seal your cuticle. This will prevent you from needing to flat iron your hair every day.

If you’re wearing your natural curl or wavy hair, scrunch in a product like ‘nvenn’s curl’ that will hold your curls intact without drying crunchy like a mousse would. Depending on your type of curl, you can just mist your hair with a bit of water the next day and re-scrunch to wear your curls for a second day. If you have really thick hair, you can scrunch in a bit more ‘curl’ to reactivate your texture.

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