3 tips for applying FOILS to LONG HAIR

hello everyone. so today i’m here with vanessa. 
nvenn hair

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this video will be demonstrating how to do foils on long hair. it probably comes down to the middle of her back. and now she looks like a beautiful mermaid with her new color 



this video will be demonstrating how to do foils on SUPER long hair. vanessa’s hair comes down to the middle of her back. she looks like a beautiful mermaid with her new color

i'll be linking videos down below in the description on videos that are similar to the color placement that i'm using. if you wanted reference for that. 

tip number one

tip number one for working with really long hair is you want to choose the appropriate FOIL SIZE for your second foil. 

applying color and foil

you don't want it to be to be longer than necessary because the extra length will just be excessive OVERHANG and that’ll make it easier for your foils to SLIDE.

tip number two

applying foil

you can put some lightener onto your foil first before you put the hair on it. that's going to help the hair to STICK, especially for the heavier sections. also, having some lightener on the bottom of your section will make it easier to saturate the hair with lightener.

PRO TIP: make sure that you're placing the lightner just below where you want to start the FEATHERING so that you don't end up with any harsh lines or color where it’s not supposed to be.

tip number three

make sure that when you're placing your second foil that you place it underneath with a little bit of OVERLAP underneath the first one. this is going to ensure that it stays nice and snug when you fold it up.

FINISHING with products

'replenish' and 'fix' are two of my favorite products. i never style hair without them. 

'replenish' is designed to fill in all the cracks and crevices of your hair, making it look smooth, healthy, and shiny. 

nvenn fix product

'fix' is the most amazing blow dry agent EVER. i just lightly mist it into everyone's hair. this product will dry weightless no matter the texture or the density of the hair. even super fine hair WON'T BE WEIGHED DOWN.

blow drying hair

then POWER DRY the products in and style as usual. these products will give your finished look a smooth and voluminous finish. that's it for today's video.

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