if you’re a professional stylist, it’s vital to have healthy hair.  you can’t give advice to clients if your hair is damaged, dry, and ratty.  think about it: that’s like a dentist with bad teeth.  you wouldn’t trust them to clean your teeth.   


that means if you’ve got a hair emergency, you need to fix it- and fast.  which is exactly what inspired our latest video and blog: 3 tips for CUTTING YOUR OWN HAIR AT HOME





DISCLAIMER:  do not try this at home!  we’re heavily trained stylists with over a decade of training.  most professional stylists won’t cut their own hair!  consider this blog post an informative guide to understanding a good haircut (or finding a good stylist).






stay organized


remember last week’s video on color ombre hair at home?  The first and most vital step to coloring or cutting your hair is getting organized.  section and part your hair very evenly.  you need to have a clear visual of where you’re cutting and how the hair is falling.  


not only will this simplify the process of cutting your own hair, it will be easier to cross-check the hair to see if it matches.  (we’ll talk more about cross-checking later.)


P.S. in last week’s video, we showed you how to section hair.  check it out here if you need a refresher.


consider the haircut


before you grab the shears, take the time to visualize the style you’re going for.   ask yourself:


  • how blunt or textured do you want the style?
  • do you want volume / body? or skinny / sleek?
  • flowing movement or no movement?
  • are you going to be curling your hair?  wearing it straight?


everything makes a difference when you’re cutting hair.  from the style, you plan the method you’re using to cut.  how are far are you holding the hair from the head vertically?  horizontally?  will you be pulling it forward or pulling it back?  


**for the hair lovers and clients reading, this is largely why you want to see a professional stylist.   there’s a lot that goes into planning a haircut.


cross-check your hair and use guides


don’t make the mistake of waiting to check your hair until the end.   you don’t want to progress through the hair cut and realize you’re a quarter inch off only to end up an inch off on the other side.  the further you progress with a faulty measurement, the harder it is to recover from.


compare each section you complete and use guidelines regularly.  the more you measure, the easier it is going to be to cut your hair.




Cross Check Guides




THE MORAL OF THE STORY:  you won’t know a good haircut until you’ve had one.   once you do, it’s impossible to go back.  


there’s no imitating a good stylist and no 10 minute video or blog post that can teach you how to cut hair.   similarly, there’s no excuse for bad stylist.  everyone deserves the PERFECT HAIRCUT.


we’re not suggesting you call your stylist out but try to pay attention to his or her’s methods.


are they using the techniques we showed you during this video?  more importantly: are they asking questions about your hair?  a stylist should ask how your hair grows, the common problems you have with hair, how you want to style your hair, and much much more.  


don’t settle for anything less than the best!


as always, feel free to leave your questions in the comments :)






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