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3 Ways to Have Nicer Hair by Doing Something That You Are Already Doing.

A common question that people tend to ask is, “Is there really a difference between drug store products and professional products. The question we have to throw back at you is, “Is there really a difference between an Audi and a Hyundai?” They both have similarities; they get you from point A to B, come in different colors, have 4 wheels, etc. audi old car We can have the same argument about professional and drug store products. To simplify things, let’s just talk about shampoo and conditioner for now. We can argue that drug store stuff cleanses and conditions our hair in the same way. Which yes, maybe it does cleanse and condition your hair but we’ll tell you that it’s DEFINITELY NOT in the same way.  


How is it possible that a $3 bottle of shampoo can give you the same quality ingredients as a professional shampoo? They couldn’t! They would be paying you to use their products. That being said, not all professional products are made equally either. Now that starts to make things tricky. Certain products have higher quality and ingredients than others. Here is checklist for comparing professional hair products:
  1. Are the products that you are using sulphate and paraben free? Sulphates are a cheap cleansing agent that makes your shampoo bubble. Parabens are a cheap preservative that is toxic to your health. They are the same ingredients that your household floor cleaners would use.
  2. Is the first ingredient water or aqua? Good shampoos are really concentrated and there is less water content. Yes a bottle of premium hair product costs more but it will last you way longer. Add water and emulsify before putting it in your hair and you’ll notice that you use way less product. Cheap products also use cheap fillers to give their products more volume so really you are paying for a bottle of shampoo but how much is actually in there?
  3. Is it fragranced with perfumes or essential oils? Yes I know sometimes we like our hair to smell like “cake” but cake is not a natural scent that occurs in nature. It’s chemically synthesized so it’s a low cost way for companies to fragrance their products. Essential oils cost a bit more but the benefits make it worth it. All essential oils have some type of natural benefit whether it be a health benefit or therapeutic benefits. For instance, citrus oils help to restore your hair’s pH making it stronger and shinier. Lavender has powerful antiseptic qualities and is very moisturizing to the hair.
If you’re already buying quality products to take care of your hair, that’s great. If you’re not, our suggestion would be to make the switch. Have you ever taken the time to calculate the average amount of money you spend on your hair a year? Most women spend an average of $1500-$3000 on their hair annually, so take care of it so it’s looking its best. If you love your hair enough to take the time to get it done, love your hair enough to care for it with the best possible hair products. We can’t speak for all companies but here at nvenn hair and beauty, we spend countless hours in the lab so that you don’t need to. All of our products are carefully formulated with different antioxidant and essential oil blends to give your hair the TLC it deserves. Going back to the checklist we mentioned earlier we are…
  1. We are entirely sulphate free and paraben free.
  2. The first ingredient is Certified Organic Sea Kelp extract – not water!
  3. You will not see fragrance or ‘parfum’ as it is often labelled in the ingredient list. All our products are scented with pure essential oils designed to improve the condition of the hair and give an aroma therapeutic scent.

Here are a few of the ingredients you’ll find in our products:

Organic Sea Kelp extract is the base of all our formulas. Kelp covered coast, rocks, sea curl- is infused with mango seed butter mango seed smooth- is infused with wild cherry bark extract and silk proteins Silk Protein

Give your hair what it DESERVES. Beauty is simple.

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