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bleach and tone COLOR CORRECTION

we are here with our client jess and today veronica is going to show us how to do a bleach and tone COLOR CORRECTION.

when she first came to us as a client, she had a bunch of different colors in her hair and we were able to remove the color and bring her to this beautiful shade of blonde with a lovely BLENDED-OMBRE root.

as you can see, her hair has grown out quite a bit since her last visit, she has a lot of new dark growth.

jess has decided that she wants to go back to full blonde! so what veronica is going to do is apply an on-scalp BLEACH to the ROOTS of the hair, and then use a toner afterwards to bring all of her hair to an even blonde tone.

because a portion of her hair is colored with permanent oxidative hair color, we’ll have to lighten that portion of the hair first because it will take longer to lighten, after that we will go through and lighten the rest of her natural hair. finally, we will tone all of her hair to a nice ashy beige and eliminate any unwanted brassy tones.

PRE-LIGHTEN pre-colored hair

veronica is going to start by applying a LIGHTENER to the previously colored portion of the hair. the reason for doing this first is because natural hair lightens much quicker, requiring shorter processing times, than colored hair. it is good practice to lighten the pre colored hair prior to the natural hair so that both areas can process for the correct amount of time. this ensures that the hair does not get over processed at the roots while the darker pre-colored band is lightening.

it is also very important to make sure you are not overlapping any lightener on the previously lightened blonde portion of the hair, as it is already processed. we want to keep the hair healthy and preserve the integrity of the hair.

you should continue this method until the entire BACK SECTION of the hair has had lightener applied to it.

PRO TIP: be sure to keep a clean towel handy so that you can clean your gloves between sections, this will help you keep the finished style looking really clean, and avoid getting any lightener where you don’t want it to be.

once the lightener has been applied to the entire back sections. we will move onto the FRONT SECTIONS of the hair. move in the same direction around the head to ensure even processing time on both sides.

using the same method as before, apply the lightener to the previously colored parts of the front sections. it is important to work quickly so that both sides of the the hair have an even amount of time to process.

veronica has now applied the lightener to the ‘colored band’ of hair.

it’s already started to pull some of the color away.

next, veronica is going to apply lightener to the new growth, leaving about a half inch of natural of roots closest to the scalp.

this hair has not been previously color treated, so it will take the least amount of time to lighten. starting with the last quadrant you completed and working around the head in the opposite direction as previously done. this ensures even processing time on both sides of the head. apply a lower level bleach to the NEW GROWTH, leaving out about a half inch of root. what is going to happen is the bleach is going to swell and creep up the strand of hair to the root. the half inch closest to the scalp will lighten the quickest because of the heat from the scalp and because the hair is not fully keratinized yet.

as with the previous process, you should apply the lightener to the hair as quickly as possible so that all of the sections have time to evenly process.

with all the lightener applied to her mid shafts, veronica is next going to apply the lightener to the last half inch of the roots. the reason for doing the roots last is so that the new growth does not get over processed and damaged.

with the lightener applied to the roots, we’re going to give it a chance to process.

once the lightener has PROCESSED, you can see the difference from before. the lightener has pulled the color very nicely and evenly.

AFTER the lightener: ready to TONE

after a rinse, you can see how nicely the lightener has worked. she now has the right remaining pigment left to achieve the desired blonde shade. veronica will apply toner to neutralize the warmth and even out the blonde

for the roots, veronica is using a half natural shade /  half pearl shade. this area has less yellow pigment that needs to be toned out. she applies it throughout the hair at the root, taking care to apply it evenly to all sections.

next, for the mid shafts, veronica applies a half-ash, half-pearl toner to the darker portion of the hair. this area is the pre-colored area, so it is holding on to more yellow pigment and requires more neutralizing power.

the ends are due for a tone, however, they do not need as much neutralizing as the lightened portions. in this case, veronica is going to tone the ends with a natural shade.

with the toner applied you can see how even it looks compared to before. veronica was able to eliminate the dark band of color and create an even transition from root to tip.


with the lightening and toning processes all done, all that’s left is some product and a quick style. veronica is going to use a bit of nvenn ‘replenish’ restoration oil to put some of that natural shine back into her hair. it’s a great way to keep the hair healthy after a big color correction like this.

next, a bit of nvenn ‘protect’ heat shield to protect jen’s hair from the damaging effects of heat.

the FINAL look

nvenn on scalp bleach and tone

the final look is a beautiful ashy blonde with nice even tone. it’s super soft and healthy thanks to our wonderful nvenn products. if you have any questions or comments, leave them in the section below. be sure to like and subscribe @nvennhairbeauty and stay tuned for a new video every friday!

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