hello all you beautiful queens! this week we are back with veronica, and our client sonja, who you may remember from our recent video box dye recovery: back to BLONDE. a few weeks ago, she came into the shop in need of a drastic color correction to take her from a box-dye red mess back to a stunning blonde. this week it’s all about BLONDE HIGHLIGHTS and LOWLIGHTS.

sonja is getting married in about a year and a half, and wants to wear a perm for her big day, but perms and platinum blonde hair don’t tend to work very well together to keep the hair HEALTHY. keeping her wedding hair plans in mind, we are going to switch her to a HIGHLIGHTED softer blonde rather than a full head of bleached blonde hair. we will be foiling her entire head to lighten out her new growth, and we will also be incorporating LOWLIGHTS of her natural color to break up the blonde she has now. when she comes back for touch ups in the future, we will simply have to highlight to maintain her look.

the SECTIONING pattern

for this FOILING PATTERN, veronica has divided the top and sides into THREE SECTIONS: bangs + left side (split down the center at the top and down over the left ear) + right side (split down the center at the top and down over the right ear)

for the back portion of the hair, she’s split it into THREE SECTIONS: 2 at the base of the head (split down the center, below the o-bone) and 1 upper triangular section (from the o-bone up to the crown of the head).

the LIGHTENING process

we start the HIGHLIGHT process with the bottom back sections using blondme premium lifts 9 + 7vol. to start. moving through the sections, the lightener can be mixed stronger to ensure even processing. on the next sections, developer is mixed half 7vol + half 20 vol.

for this section, veronica has laid in the foils DIAGONALLY to prevent the hair color from looking stripey.

for the front sections, veronica is using a diagonal foiling pattern and a 1:1 ratio of lightener to developer for the HIGHLIGHTS so that the consistency is nice and thick. the thick lightener allows the foils to stay in TIGHTER and will keep them from sliding away from the roots.

for the LOWLIGHT sections between the highlights, veronica is laying them back to back on the blonde foils to help break up the solid blonde color and to add sonja’s natural color back in to the hair. we are going to continue the pattern, alternating 2 blonde sections to every 1 dark section until all of the section is in foils.

sonja wears her FRINGE towards one side, so veronica is laying the foils horizontal to the part. by laying the foils in horizontal, rather than vertical to the part, we can achieve a blended HIGHLIGHTING pattern and avoid any ‘striping’. we alternate the highlights and lowlights using the same pattern, alternating 2 blonde sections to every 1 dark section

here we see sonja’s hair with the foils all in and the COLOR and LIGHTENER applied, we will give it some time to process. after the rinse we’ll be ready to tone.

TONING the hair

for the TONING process we are using a neutral 8 for the roots to fill in the pigment. there is less warm pigment here than her ends, so using a neutralizing shade is not necessary. for the ends, a mixture of 7p and 8p is used.

the FINISHED style

the result is a fabulous MULTIDIMENSIONAL blonde that is beautifully diffused with her natural color woven throughout the hair.

if you have any questions or comments, leave them in the section below. let us know what kind of styles and tutorials you would like to see in our future videos! don’t forget to like and SUBSCRIBE @nvennhairbeauty. stay tuned for a new video every week! <3

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