blonde ROOT TOUCHUP : low maintenance color solutions

hey guys, today veronica is here with kelly.

let's talk about what veronica is going to do for her hair. kelly wants to have a more LOW MAINTENANCE look.

plan it out

there is a very obvious line of demarcation where kelly’s roots have grown in. she wants to stay blonde but she wants the regrowth to be more camouflage as it grows in in the future - to PREVENT frequent trips to the salon.

veronica has a couple of different options with how she can reach this goal.

one option would be to add a little bit of kelly’s NATURAL COLOUR back into her ends so that she looks like she has low lights. this would help to soften out the harsh growth line as her hair grows in.

the other option is to do a SHADOWED ROOT. in a shadowed root is a dark root fading into blonde. the best way to achieve a shadowed root is by staggering the amount of dark left our of the foil. this creates a soft blend of the dark to light so will prevent any harsh lines as the hair grows back in.

with shadowed roots, the roots are still visible - which some people may not like. however, if the person wants low maintenance color, it's really the best solution.

it breaks up the line of demarcation so that your roots blend into the ends as it grows out.

ultimately, kelly chooses to do the shadow root. this way, veronica can keep kelly’s hair super blonde (as kelly wants).

and then for the cut, kelly wants to keep her hair long, but not as long as it is now. she wants off all of the “quarantine length” that grew in over the last few months of isolation.

let’s get started

veronica is going to do a simple FOUR QUADRANT sectioning pattern.

making sure to use kellys NATURAL PART to separate the front two sections. 

then, veronica is going to start FOILING the hair in the front sections.

PRO TIP: always start on the side with MORE hair. it's going to take much longer to foil the larger section, than the smaller section that has less hair. this will ensure that the PROCESSING TIME is fairly even. if you were to foil the smaller section first, it would be completed much quicker and would have a lot more processing time. uneven processing time leads to uneven colours!

she will start on the bottom of the section and work her way up. veronica is going to be using a combination of BABY LIGHTS and FINE WEAVES.

the reason why veronica is using this foil placement is because kelly's hair is VERY FINE. if veronica chose too heavy of an effect - the blonde would look too chunky in her hair.

kelly has a lot of baby hairs in the front of her face. these hairs tend to be more fragile than the rest. it also LIFTS much quicker than the rest of the hair.

to avoid damaging these baby hairs, veronica is going to foil the whole head first and foil the baby hairs at the very end. this way she doesnt have lightener on it for very long.

here are all of kelly’s FOILS APPLIED.

veronica will now go back to the baby hairs in the front. they will take very little time to lighten.


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bringing lightness around the face
make sure to foil all of the baby hairs with BABY FINE WEAVES to prevent it from looking solid blonde.

this way, there are also no dark patches of hair around her face.

veronica is going to foil her baby hairs on her other side now.

tone and wash

then, let the foils PROCESS properly.

veronica has taken out all the foils and is ready to WASH the hair out.

she is going to tone with a 10P in the matrix color sync.

after toning the hair, she will cut her hair!

all complete

kelly's hair ALL DONE!

that's how veronica took kelly from grown out highlights to a shadowed root.

if your clients are looking for something to be a little LOWER MAINTENANCE, this may be perfect for them!

if you guys have any questions about it, leave a comment below. i'll make sure to get them all answered for you.

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