BLONDE shadow root

hey beauty activists. we're back here with allie, again. so you've seen her through all her hair transitions and today we're going to do another color again. what's been going on is that, allie, leaves in between her hair appointments, months and months and months. so, it's actually been probably about five months now.

and so she's still needing something that's going to be better maintenance-wise that she's not going to come in as often. so what we're going to do, instead of the highlights and color in between, is we're actually going to take her highlights and turn it into a SHADOWED ROOT. so, she has her roots already that you can see, but you can tell that these look like roots.

so what we want to do is we want to make this more purposeful. so we want to make it look like we're doing the rooted look on purpose. so we're going to turn this HIGHLIGHTED LOOK into a shadowed root. so check out how we're going to do that. this is going to be really easy for, allie, now to maintain over time. she can do the five, six months in between her appointments without having to worry about the roots that come out.

it's going to grow really nice as it grows out and she's going to be able to last a long time in between her visits. so a little bit of housekeeping, make sure you guys hit that subscribe button, hit the little bell so you're notified of all the new videos. we put out new videos every friday. go check out our products at

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let's start by sectioning out her hair. we are going to use allie's part line to set up the sections in the front, and then those front sections are just going to go behind the ears, and then we're going to have the back sections divided into half. our first foil pattern is going to be a fine to medium weave. so we're going to weave the hair out, and when we're lightening the hair we're actually going to be FEATHERING the lightener on and staggering them on a lightener we put into each weave.

we're going to be putting the lightener in close to the roots, but we're not going in all the way because again we are creating the ROOTED EFFECT; so we do want a bit of allie's natural there. make sure to pick through if you have any dark pieces that are longer than the rest. make sure that you are picking those pieces out, and lightening those darker pieces, but not pulling lightener onto anything that's already previously lightened.

this is going to ensure that we don't have excessive processing done on the hair, and we reduce any damage that's going to happen. our next foil that's going to go on top of this is actually going to be a baby light. so it's going to be a very baby fine weave. this is going to act as a veil to break up the blonde highlights in the first foil.

we are going to be putting the lightener right up to the root so that it creates a very NATURAL SHADOW ROOT EFFECT. also, we want to have as much blonde as possible so that allie has as long of wear as she can before she sees a lot of her dark natural come through. working our way up through the section, we are going to be alternating between both foil patterns.

once the first section is complete, we're going to move to the other side. we're going to be doing the same foiling pattern, making sure to mimic what i did on the other side on this side. so first again, starting with the fine to medium weave. then next, having the baby find weave, and repeating that pattern onwards. i like to make sure that the top foil on every single section is going to match.

and so for this specific shadow root effect, i want to make sure the top foil and every section is a baby light, a BABY FINE WEAVE so that acts as a veil across all the top sections. here is her entire head of foils all complete. we are now ready to wash, and we're going to take these foils out, rinse it out, and then we're ready to tone.

this is the toner all applied. i've used nine p in the matrix color sync. there you guys have it. that's how we turned allie's hair from her highlights and her color into a shadowed root. so super great technique for your clients that want to be in the salon a little bit less and they still want to be blonde, they still want to have that color, but they want to be able to go longer in between their visits without having to come in.

so really, really great technique. you can see how we blended her roots out completely. we still have her natural color right at the roots there, but we have a perfect fade from dark to light. so try that look out for yourself. if you guys have any questions, leave a comment below we'll make sure to get back to you right away.

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