blonde to BROWN hair

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today is going to be a really quick one and it's going to be how to formulate to take blonde hair back to dark. 

as you see here, she has this much REGROWTH and the rest of it is all blonde. so to start we're going to need TWO FORMULAS, one for regrowth to lighten it to the color that we want, and also to neutralize any warmth that's going to come through. then, the second formula to start is going to be the fill formula. 

brown to blonde

we get lots of questions on why we choose the fill formulas that we do, so i thought i would shoot a quick little video and hear a little reasoning behind our logic for what i am doing. and then after that, i'm going to color the hair back to dark.

dark roots

you'll want to use a FILL COLOR anytime you want to finish result that is three levels or darker than what you're starting with. a fill color will prevent your finish color from looking muddy and unsaturated. it's also going to prevent the client from getting any PREMATURE FADING, so it will give them the longest-lasting results.

the FILL process

okay, so what i've done here is i've gone ahead and put the 4.1 on all of her REGROWTH. i did leave this little space because i want to make sure that i'm melting the 4.1 in with the fill color. so you can see here i've only taken it to the top, just going to COMB out all of the tangles, take the 4.1 and make sure that it's MELTED all away. i just want to make sure that i'm covering all that darkness because i don't want any unnecessary warmth, and i do want the color to be perfectly even all the way through.

combing down roots

so then i'm going to COMB it down and then i'm going to put her fill color, which is 5.35 on her ends. i chose 5.35 because it has a little bit of GOLD and a little bit of MAHOGANY, which is like a RED VIOLET BASE. it's going to be the perfect fill color to take her back to a level four.

combing hair down

this is her hair FILLED and you can see it looks perfect. it has just the amount of warmth that i need to have the color look really saturated when it's finished. now, i'm just going to go ahead and cover her from root ends with level four. 


here's her level four all WASHED OUT. you can see her natural texture coming through. if i was just going to leave it like this, styling it later would be an absolute nightmare. because it'd be so hard to straighten and it would be really frizzy.

frizzy hair

so what i'm going to do is pour in some 'replenish'. this is great for filling in all the cracks and crevices of her hair. you're going to see when i power dry it how SMOOTH it actually becomes. i love this product. it makes my hair feels so amazing.

strength restoration oil

some heat protector ‘protect’. isn't it the best? it's like it just makes your hair feel so soft. A then finally little bit of 'fix'.

protect heat shield

see you next week!

okay, everyone, that's it for today's video. i hope you enjoyed it. remember, leave any questions or comments down below we will get back to. subscribe to our channel. we release new videos every week.

brown hair

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