bohemian bangs & LONG LAYERS

we’ve just finished coloring jessica’s beautiful hair, and she’s looking to change her style up a bit and go for a fresh new look: bohemian bangs & LONG LAYERS!

STEP 1: sectioning the BANGS

we are going to start with jessica’s bangs. one challenge that a lot of people encounter is not knowing how thick to make their bangs.

use your comb to find a natural sectioning pattern for where the bangs should sit. start by placing the comb flat on to the round of the head. find the spot the comb starts to lift off of the head, and use that as a guide for how thick the bangs should be. that’s usually a decent amount of bang to have. obviously you can go a little thicker or thinner depending on preference, but this is a good amount to start with.

long layers and bohemian bangs 2

bohemian bangs long layers 3

long layers bohemian bangs 4

that’s where we are going to start sectioning jessica’s bangs.

long layers bohemian bangs 5

jessica wants a thinner, more feathered bohemian style bang, so this is perfect.

long layers bohemian bangs 6

next, we’re going to mirror this section on the other side, creating a moon shape. we want the edges of the bangs to line up with the corners of the forehead.

it’s always good to let your client take a look to make sure it works for them. jessica was happy with the section

PROTIP: when it comes to PERFECT BANGS, there’s really only a 1 or 2 week window where they will look perfect, so you’re definitely gonna need to pop in to your stylist’s chair often for bang touch-ups.

long layers bohemian bangs 7

jessica’s bangs have a part in the middle from how she was wearing her hair before, so veronica is gonna wet it down and blowdry the bangs so that the hair will lay flat.

long layers bohemian bangs 8

long layers bohemian bangs 9

with the blowdrying done, we're ready to cut.


STEP 2: cutting the BANGS

jessica wants her bangs a bit longer around the edges, so we are going to overdirect the hair toward the center, this will give the bangs more length around the sides.

long layers bohemian bangs 10

with the section pulled together in the center of the forehead, we’re going to trim the hair a little bit longer than she wants her bangs to remove the bulk of the length. we will customize her bangs to the correct length with more precision cutting.

long layers bohemian bangs 11

ok all finished! lol jk, of course ;-)

long layers bohemian bangs 12

jessica wants to go for a bit more of a shaggy look, so we’re gonna leave the bangs a bit longer.

long layers bohemian bangs 12

when trimming the bangs it is super important not to cut into any of the side hair. you want to make sure to keep the sectioned bangs totally separate from the rest.

if you cut too far to either side, you’ll end up with short bits along the side of the face that do not belong.

long layers bohemian bangs 13

next we are going to trim the bangs a bit, just enough so they hang above jessica’s eyelashes.

let’s see how jessica looks with her BOHEMIAN BANGS…

long layers bohemian bangs 14

FABULOUS! bangs are definitely back in a big way!

jessica has been dying change up her look for months, and it’s not easy to make time with such a busy schedule, but she is so happy with the results so far.


STEP 3: cutting the LONG LAYERS

long layers bohemian bangs 15

we started by trimming her ends, we’ve taken off about an inch and a half of length, and were going to give her some texture to create a classic layered look.

next we want to divide the hair into sections.

long layers bohemain bangs 16

here is the first bottom section, under the O-BONE.

to give this section a little texture, we like to layer it just slightly.

pull the hair straight back from the head. we want to trim the longer ends at the top of the section so that there is not a “corner” in the hair. this creates a soft layering effect on the perimeter.

long layers bohemian bangs 17

long layers bohemian bangs 18

we are point cutting the hair, with the scissors in the same direction as the hair, rather than cutting straight across, to create a bit of a textured effect.

long layers bohemian bangs 19

we are gonna repeat this process until the ends of this section have a soft diffused look, instead of a harsh line.

next we’re going to start with layering the rest of her hair. we will be doing triangular layers which have shorter layers in the back that gradually get longer towards the front. this will give a nice textured look to the hair, while maintaining length in the front.

long layers bohemian bangs 19

the shorter layers in the back give volume and body to the style.

long layers bohemian bangs 20

starting with the back, we are gonna take off about 2 inches of length from the top layer. the layers will be cut to stagger seamlessly from the top layer to the previously cut bottom section. the goal is to match the top layers up with our previously cut bottom section.

long layers bohemian bangs 21

we are going to start in the center and work our way forward to each side. we are going to comb the hair all the way up and out from the head and use two guides to cut the hair.

long layers bohemian bangs 21

as we move towards the front, we are going to overdirect each section towards the previous section, using each prior section as a guide. this will naturally create longer length towards the front.

once we hit the front side sections, to really preserve the length of the front, we want to overdirect the sections all the way toward the back sections. rather than just to the previous section. again, using the previously cut section as a guide for how much hair to trim off.

PROTIP: when overdirecting the hair, stand beside where you want the hair to be and comb towards yourself, that way you know you’re always overdirecting the hair to the same spot.

long layers bohemian bangs 23

we are going to repeat the same process on the other side of the head, occasionally cross checking to make sure we are cutting the hair evenly on both sides of the head.

long layers bohemian bangs 24

next, were going to give her some side layering around the face, to connect her bangs to the rest of the hair.

we will also check and make sure we don’t have any loose ends or strays around the perimeter as well.

with all the ends double checked, let’s see the final look!

long layers bohemian bangs 25

we LOVE it!

if you wanna try this look for yourself leave us a comment and share your results, you can get the full cheat sheet of step by step instructions here.

long bohemian layers step by step

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