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box dye recovery: back to BLONDE

today we are with veronica and our client sonja. she’s got about an inch and a half of natural growth, and she also made the mistake of trying to touch up her color at home with box dye. she has a band of a dark red near the top, and her ends have faded out to an almost peachy tone, and they are also quite damaged. we are going to be doing a major COLOR CORRECTION on her hair to bring her to a nice even BLONDE.

we will be using a color remover to pull out the oxidized color, after that we will lighten her hair and finally we will color her hair to a nice even blonde.

here you can see her hair before the process.

first, veronica does a quick wash with the pravana CLARIFYING SHAMPOO to remove any buildup on the strands.

applying the COLOR REMOVER

the color remover is designed to REMOVE ARTIFICIAL COLOR from the hair but will not remove any of her natural hair color, so we don’t have to worry about accidentally getting any on the new growth. however, we do want to make sure that the entire portion of previously colored hair is well saturated enough to remove the pigment from the strands.

here we have the color remover all applied. you can already see that it is beginning to pull the color out of the hair. we’ll put sonja under the heat for 20 minutes.

after 20 minutes of heat the COLOR REMOVER has done a really great job of removing box color. the mid shafts are at about a 7 and the ends about an 8.5 so it’s going to be perfect for the us to now go in and lighten.

here you can see sonja’s hair after a RINSE and a quick POWER DRY. make sure to remove most of the moisture from the hair, so that it does not dilute the lightener. next we will apply the lightener so we can lift the hair out more.

applying the LIGHTENER

we will begin our lightening process on the oxidized, previously colored portion of the hair, since it will take the longest amount of time to process. after that we will apply the lightener to the roots and finally we will process the ends of the hair to give them a bit of a brightness boost and pull out the yellow tones.

here you can see sonja’s hair with the lightener all applied to the mid shafts. we’ll give it some time to process. it will take a bit longer to lighten than the natural color so we want to give it a bit of a head start over lifting the new growth.

here you can see the lightener all applied to the roots. new growth will always lighten much quicker than the rest of the hair, and quite a bit faster than previously colored hair. this is why it is important to use different processing times for different portions of the hair.

sonja’s hair has lightened out very nicely and she is just about ready to rinse. after that  we’ll take care of sonja’s damaged ends and then tone the hair.

the FINAL look

finally after reaching the six hour mark we are finally done with phase one of sonja’s COLOR CORRECTION. the end result is a nice natural even blonde that looks amazing. she wants to go a bit lighter, but of course the integrity of the hair is always priority number one, so we’ll have her back in about 4 weeks for the final touch up.

if you have any questions or comments, leave them in the section down below. let us know what you think of sonja’s new look, and let us know what kind of videos you want to see from us in the future.

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