BRIGHT COLOR hair ideas purple hair ombre (THAT LAST!)

hello, everyone. welcome to today's video. we are here with nicole. you can see her beautiful palette of virgin hair. it's very rare that you have someone that has such nice and natural hair. so today, she wants to go towards a melt of different purples to CREATE AN OMBRED LOOK, but there's a very specific way that we're going to do it so that it has the most longevity for her. so stay tuned. i'm going to be right back once we get her all sectioned out.

sectioning the hair


so here, i've just sectioned her hair into four basic sections, and what i'm going to do is i'm going to do the color all at once. she wants to have a darker purple melted into a lighter purple, and she wants her lighter purple to be as vibrant as possible. so in this bowl, i have 5.777 in j. beverly hills mixed one-to-one with 20 vol. i did that because i wanted the color to be as SATURATED as possible.

in this bowl, i have lightener, just with seven vol. because her hair is natural hair, it's going to lift really quickly, and i don't want it to go too light. otherwise, the color will fade too quickly.

diagonal sections


okay, so we're going to start here. what i'm going to do is i am going to do her sections diagonally, like this, so that it will have the biggest blend when it falls forward. there we go. and the nice thing about this color, all of her roots are going to be the same, so you don't have to be so perfect with your foils. you really just want to keep the lightener enclosed so it doesn't OXIDIZE, because then it starts working. so again, you've seen us do this in many videos.

you're just going to stagger the amount of dark violet that there is, so that there isn't like a dip-dye effect at the end. so i'm going to do this. and just make sure that the color is saturated all the way through.



and then i'm going to FEATHER ON THE LIGHTENER. and you just want to make sure that the color and the lightener does overlap a little bit, so that you're not left with any bands of brown anywhere. then with this next section, i'm just going to put a little bit of purple and a lot more lightener. and then with this section, i'll probably just do a couple inches of the dark, and then i'm going to continue this pattern all around all four quadrants of her head.

perfect color


here are the foils all processed. this is a perfect kind of color. you want it to be light enough for the purple to show through, but we don't want it so light that the color is going to fade. all color needs a little bit of pigment to grab onto, so that's going to be perfect to give the right amount of vibrancy and the right amount of longevity.

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finished product


here you can see how nice and diffuse the color will be. here's her hair all washed and power-dried. the reason why you want a power dry is hair is like a sponge. when it's too damp, it won't be able to absorb anything else, because it would be too saturated with water.

now i'm going to be applying the purple. i'll be using the indigo color from the joico line, and we'll be right back when it's done.

here we are with the hair all power-dried. now, i'm going to put a couple products in there. when you have these kind of bright colors, or really any bright color, or any color in general, the most important product you want to be using in your hair is a heat protector. you know when you throw your shirts into the dryer and they come out that little bit more faded? 

that same thing is happening with your hair between every layer of heat. so really, to keep these hair colors vibrant, you really want to layer on the heat protector. you're going to do a layer before you blow dry, and then another layer before you flatiron.

and with it, you want to mist it everywhere. like so, in between, underneath. because what this does is it puts a thin barrier between your hair and your heat element, so that your heat element is actually burning this and not burning the hair. this is a little fix. i put in also a little bit of oil.

so that's it for today's video. i hope you enjoyed it. if you have any questions or comments, leave them down below. i will get back to you. do subscribe to our channel. we release new videos every friday. and hit the little bell so that you're notified whenever we post the videos. until then, have a great day. bye.

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