BROWN hair with BLONDE highlights

hi, everyone. today we're here with laurie. you can see this beautiful dark brown color that she has. what we're doing today is we're going to try to SOFTEN OUT the grow out as the gray grows in.

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she grows in relatively gray, but she loves being a brunette. and we've tried to go all these different kind of colors to blend it out.

brown hair

what we're going to do today is we're going to put a really, really dense set of foils in and lift it out to a really ASHY LEVEL 8-ISH. and that will just be enough to lighten it, but it'll keep her in the brunette family.

let’s get started

here is laurie's hair all SECTIONED out. i have it sectioned into five sections, one on the fringe, two on the sides, and two on the back. 

brown hair pinned up

i'm going to be using DIAGONAL SLICES so that the result is really diffused. 

hair foiled up

check out this color

here you can see her hair is PROCESSING nicely. a lot of the extra warmth has been stripped out, so i'm going to rinse it.

roots lighter than hair

here is her hair all RINSED out. it is exactly what i want it to look like. you can see the roots are a little lighter. so what i'm going to do for a little extra deposit is i'm going to put 1/3 6 in and 2/3 7 in my bowl to TONE her hair. 

on her ENDS here, i'm just going to put on 7.22 to give it a really ASHY feel. but if you look at how diffused it is, this is going to really break up her gray as it grows out. and overall, she'll still look like a brunette.

so that's it for today's video. i hope you enjoyed it. i'm going to try to get a clip of laurie's hair as it grows out so you can see how nice and DIFFUSED it is. she's going to get to stay her beautiful brunette color and it's also going to help to mask a little bit of that demarcation that she has because she's so heavily gray.

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and of course, remember that you're BRILLIANT, you're BEAUTIFUL, and you're going to go on to accomplish some AMAZING THINGS. have a beautiful day. bye.

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