can i pull off a PIXIE cut? - short haircuts for CURLY HAIR

hey, beauty activists. welcome to this week's blog.

today i'm going to show you guys how you can pull off a CURLY PIXIE CUT!

i'll show you STEP BY STEP, how we take her long curly hair into this short, beautiful, tapered haircut; a pixie style with a longer fringe. 

i've used natasha as a model before. i've done a  curly haircut with layers and i've shown you a haircut that someone could wear curly and straight. you should definitely give those videos a watch if you have clients with thick, curly hair - like natasha.

natasha is getting tired of having the long hair, and so she wants to go short again. we've done it before and she looks fantastic in it. i think she looks like halle berry!

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saying goodbye to the length

we have natasha's hair all SECTIONED out. as you can see, we have the back split into 3 sections; half down the middle and a section at the bottom (the nape)

then on the very top, we have it sectioned out into a HORSESHOE; everything above the PARIETAL RIDGE.

now to cut, we're going to start in the center back (in the NAPE SECTION). we are going to be taking a section right down the CENTER

we'll be pulling the hair STRAIGHT OUT from the head and holding our hands PERPENDICULAR to the scalp. 

PRO TIP: choose your finger angle according to the angle of graduation that you want to be left with.

we're going to be point cutting into the hair to create a SOFTER EDGE

this is just going to remove a majority of the bulk.t later we can come back in and perfect it.

we are going to work from the CENTER TO THE OUTSIDE on one side of the head, and then come back to the center and work towards the other side of the head. 

we are using our previously cut section (the first section down the center back), as the GUIDE so that we can create a UNIFORM LENGTH across the nape.

PRO TIP: be sure to continuously WET DOWN the hair to make sure that the hair is EVENLY SATURATED all the way across the strand. this is going to ensure that you can have even TENSION in the hair while you are cutting.


moving onto the sides 

we're going to start with the LEFT SECTION. 

we will be starting at the center back of the head and work our way forward. 

we're going to pull the hair STRAIGHT OUT from the head and continue to graduate the haircut. 

you’re going to continue the graduation up into these 2 side sections. you will use the length from the nape section as your guide, 

follow this entire section up to the face using this graduating technique.

once you finish one section, do the same thing on the other side.


customizing the curls

now i'm able to go in and REFINE the haircut. 

i'm going to use a SCISSOR OVER COMB technique to tighten up the nape. 

the reason why i'm going to choose a scissor over comb technique is because i'm really able to VISUALLY see how the curls are sitting. i can CUSTOMIZE THE HAIRCUT according to the length that i want to have and how i want to see the curls sit.

as i'm doing this scissor over comb technique, i am also periodically combing the curls INTO PLACE, to see how the curls will sit when they are styled.

i'm TAPERING around the edges of the haircut. this will make the hair tighter around the bottom of the haircut and it’ll eventually BLEND into the longer lengths that we plan to have up top. 

once you’re done that, you can CLEAN UP THE PERIMETER (around the neck, ears and front hairline).

onto the top

now, we're going to be working through the TOP HORSE SHOE SECTION of the head.

we're going to start at the back of the section and work our way forward. 

taking our first section and pulling it STRAIGHT UP from the head. 

we're going to be using our previously cut section from the section below as a GUIDE. so we know how long to cut the hair. 

i'm going to be POINT CUTTING again into the hair (to add more TEXTURE into the haircut).

as we work towards the front hairline, we're going to OVER DIRECT our new section into the previously cut section. over directing it back like this is going to give us a GRADUAL INCREASE in length from the back to the front. 

PRO TIP: make sure to cross check the haircut periodically throughout the haircut. this will ensure that your haircut is EVEN. if you have something that needs to be fixed, you can just fix it right away rather than having to go back and recut the entire hair cut again after.

over direct each section in the top section all the way to the crown from the front hairline.

PRO TIP: the more you over direct the hair, the more length that you’ll preserve. 

i want to keep as much length around natasha’s face as possible so i will over direct each section ALL THE WAY to my first section at the crown

i just want to preserve the length around the front until the end of the haircut. i want to CUSTOMIZE the length of the curls around her face so i can see exactly how each of the curls will be sitting.

BLENDING IN the top to the sides and back

we now have the top length all cut. next, we need to BLEND the top of the haircut into the sides and the bottom. 

we're going to cut out any “corners” around the PARIETAL RIDGE of the head. this is the widest part of the head.

along the parietal range, comb the hair and pull it STRAIGHT OUT from the head. you want to cut out any “extra length” that’s preventing the top section from connecting to the bottom one. 

this will BLEND the top of the hair cut into the sides and the back. 

any corners that are in the haircut will create weight and disconnection. cutting out the corners will give you a SEAMLESS BLEND.

again, make sure that you're keeping the hair wet with EVEN SATURATION. this is the only way you will have even tension when you are cutting.

do this all around the head along the parietal ridge. 

PRO TIP: when you get to the back of the head, you will start taking PIE SHAPED SECTIONS.

now that that’s done, we want to FINALIZE how the front of the haircut will look. 

before we do that, let’s cross check the haircut on top. we're going to be taking VERTICAL SECTIONS from the back of the head to the front of the head. you are looking to see that you have a uniform increase in length from the crown to the front hairline. 

now for the front of the face! the FRINGE!

cut the curls around the face to the length that you want.

PRO TIP: air on the side of caution. curly hair can SHRINK up to 2 inches when it’s dry. cut a little and play with it until it springs up into it’s natural shape to check the length. keep doing this until you get the curls to the length that you want!

once that is done, check that there are no corners between your fringe and the rest of the haircut. we want to see a seamless transition from back to front.

adding the finishing touches 

now that the haircut is all done, i'm going to do a little bit more FINE TUNING to complete the haircut. 

i'm going to do SCISSOR OVER COMB along the sides and the back one more time (in any of the spots that I want a little tighter). i just want to ensure that the hair is the length that i want it to be, and that everything is sitting nicely. 

i'm now going to go through the haircut and take out more WEIGHT. natasha has a lot of hair and she does like a lot of the bulk removed. 

i'm going to be using a technique called ROOT THINNING

this is where we take our TEXTURE SHEARS and take out hair right from the base!

using these texture shears will EVENLY REMOVE BULK from her base!

i’m going to use these TEXTURE SHEARS all throughout the base. be VERY, VERY CAREFUL doing this because you are TAKING SHEARS to the ROOT OF HER HAIR. 

PRO TIP: if you’re doing this for the first time, try out a really small section to start to understand the result of what you are doing! this WILL PREVENT you from ACCIDENTALLY cutting out too much.

you want to make sure that you're not over texturizing and taking out TOO MUCH HAIR. make sure that you have the PROPER TEXTURE SHEARS that won’t take out chunks of hair.

i like clean and TIDY sections. i’m going to start at the crown again and work my way to the front hairline. 

make sure to PAY ATTENTION! make sure to feel the hair as you are working to ensure that the density of remaining hair is even.

setting the curls with NATURAL INGREDIENTS 

i'm going to be putting ‘replenish’ oil into her curly hair. curly hair needs to have A LOT OF MOISTURE for the curl to fully form. 

nvenn’s ‘replenish’ is an AMAZING OIL that FILLS in the cracks and crevices of the hair. it SMOOTHS OUT the hair and FINISHES your hair with LUSTER AND SHINE. perfect for any curly hair style!

i'm now going to apply our ‘curl’ cream. ‘nvenn’s curl’ is a CURL ACTIVATOR. it’ll HELP your curls to fully form and SEAL it with MOISTURE so that it LASTS ALL DAY LONG

‘nvenn curl’s’ formula is INFUSED with MANGO SEED BUTTER that enriches your hair with the emolliency that it needs to be bouncy and beautiful! what’s awesome about ‘nvenn’s curl’ is that it’s buildable! the more you layer in, the firmer and more AMPLIFIED your curls will dry!

lastly, i’m going to use some of ‘nvenn’s texture’. what’s great about this product, is alike ‘nvenn’s curl', it’s also BUILDABLE; the more you layer in, the firmer your hair will dry. if you want a softer finish to your curls, just use less!

‘nvenn’s texture will bring the CURL OUT all day LONG! 

i’ll finish by TWISTING the curls so that they dry with a nice, strong shape. once it's dried, we can SHAKE THEM OUT. 

i'm going to put her under the DRYER for a short time just to remove some moisture.

i only like to remove about 50% of the moisture with a dryer, and i let the rest air dry. over drying curly hair will make it look frizzy.

i’ll finish by placing the curls exactly where i want to see them.

from here, it's just going let the hair air dry.

PRO TIP: allowing the hair to DRY NATURALLY is going to prevent the hair cuticle from SWELLING and looking frizzy. 

all finished! 

there you guys have it. that is how to do the SHORT CURLY HAIRCUT. 

here is a photo of how natasha's hair actually fully dried

PRODUCTS ARE KEY when styling curly hair. the RIGHT PRODUCTS are the KEY to FIGHTING FRIZZ.

if you guys have any questions about curly hair, leave a comment below. i'll answer your questions for you. we love to hear from you guys so make sure to show us some love!


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see you guys week. bye

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