#carebeyondhair: CLEAN UP the beach

we're in #SanFrancisco participating in a community #cleanupthebeach effort. šŸ„°outside of the salon, we pride ourselves onĀ CHANGING THE WORLD through hair and beauty. #carebeyondhair is our movement to be the change you want to see in the world.

on a beautiful saturday morning at 9 AM, we were ready to help clean the beach. despite how many people live here, we were shocked to learn that nearly no one knew about the CLEAN UP THE BEACH effort. this organization does 2 cleans a month.

that being said, GET ACTIVE. do your research and get involved in your community. if you are doing anything in your community, TAG US with #carebeyondhair. we want to be a part of any effort to make this world a better place. šŸ„°

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