blonde color correction 1

this week veronica is performing a BLONDE COLOR CORRECTION on rachelle, who was previously a very dark brown.  rachelle came to our salon halfway through her journey from box-dye brown to blonde. she initially tried to go blonde herself twice at home (it didn’t go well), and then she had another salon do some work on it, thus she had a TON of different colors in her hair.

on her first visit to the salon, we did an ombre foil and we picked out as much of the dark blondes as we could. now that she’s at a shade we can work from- we’re ready to make her hair a GORGEOUS BLONDE and continue on with the COLOR CORRECTION.

FIRST, we’re going to pull up her roots and create the slightest OMBRE foil to create a shadow.  SECOND, our target shade is the midshaft of her hair, so we will be removing any remaining dark tones in her ends.  LAST but not least, we’ll tone and style <3 the result will be one even tone of GORGEOUS GOLDEN BLONDE.




-nvenn’s ‘protect’: a nutrient-rich, NATURAL HEAT PROTECTANT FOR HAIR is also a  STYLING PRIMER that speeds up your blowdry time. 

-nvenn’s ‘replenish’ a transformative, INVISIBLE hair oil that works for all types of dry / damaged hair.   

-nvenn’s ‘volume’ a WEIGHTLESS heat activated volumizer


step 1: lightening the BOTTOM SECTION under the parietal ridge

as always, we start by SECTIONING the hair into 4 even quadrants.  on rachelle’s first visit, we started from the back of the head and moved towards the front.  this time around we’ll be starting from the front and work towards the back to ensure that we have EVEN PROCESSING TIME for the lightening pattern across her entire head.


we’re going to be moving SECTION by SECTION. alternate between these 4 foils / sections.

blonde color correction 2

we’re going to start at the bottom of the FRONT section.  


1) because we’re pulling her BLONDE closer to the root, we’re going to use a WEAVE pattern to create a blended shadow at the root that naturally blends with the blonde.  before we pick up the paintbrush, we’re going to CAREFULLY BACKCOMB the hair to the root.  you do not want to rip or pull the hair.  now we’re ready to lighten the hair.   remember to keep your brush VERTICAL and FEATHER the lightener on, taking note to address any pieces of hair that still have darker tones.

blonde color correction 3

we want the ends to get lightened slightly as well without fully applying lightener to the strand. so to ensure that her ends get a boost as well, we’re going to fold them upwards into the foil and that’s going to be enough to boost the color and pull out a bit of the excess pigment.


2) next, we’re going to abandon backcombing and apply all the way to the root. Since we are creating such a close shadowed root, you can have foils go very close to the scalp.

blonde color correction 4


3) leave a section out. we are incorporated the amount of dark she already has in there. Staggering the amount of dark root in the hair allows for a very NATURAL SHADOW in her roots.

blonde color correction 5


4) directly after the section we’re leaving unlightened, we’re going to a BABYLIGHT. this acts as a veil to break up the dark in the section we left out.

we continue this pattern all the way up the head to create a very DIFFUSED LINE in our foiling pattern and once all the foils are in… we’ve got her roots covered (literally).

blonde color correction 6

**NOTE: as expected- there are still a few DARK TONES on rachelle’s ends that we want to take care of.  we’re going to pick the pieces of hair out in her ends that need some extra attention from the lightener and FOIL it.



step 2: lightening the TOP SECTION of the head above the parietal ridge

starting at the very top of the SECTIONS, we’re going to go through and incorporate only BABYLIGHTS without backcombing.  because there is not very much roots to begin with,  this is going to push the BLONDE up to the root, while allowing it to be a softer shadow.  

blonde color correction 7

we’ll repeat this process for ALL of the remaining hair.  with her FOILS ALL DONE, we’re going to keep a close eye on her foils to make sure we don’t over process the hair.  
once we check her foils, we’re able to see that the lightener has done its job and we’re ready to WASH the lightener out and TONE THE HAIR.

blonde color correction 8



step 3: TONING the HAIR

with the hair freshly washed, it’s already easy to see her GOLDEN BLONDE shining through.

blonde color correction 9

now we’re ready to put the TONER in.  we also sprayed in the j beverly hills protein spray to even out porosity of the hair and make sure it takes to the toner well.

on the ends we’ll be using a ½ 8p and ½ 10a with a 5 vol developer.  on the roots, we’re going to use a 9n with 5 vol because it’s not quite as brassy as the bottoms of her hair.


STARTING WITH THE ENDS, we’re going to apply our formula.  it’s important to do whichever section of hair needs the most pigment toned out.  the roots need less pigment toned out, so it will not take as long. the darker pigment will need more time to tone out.  this will this make sure your entire head tones evenly with the same processing time.

blonde color correction 10


after the ends are covered, we’re going to move to our 2nd formula and apply it to the ROOTS (about 5 inches) of the hair.

blonde color correction 11

remember to take your time and make sure that the hair is SATURATED WITH TONER.  otherwise, you may find some pesky brass tones peaking through.


blonde color correction 12

with the toner on the entire head, it’s time to allow it to process for 20 minutes before taking her to the sink and washing out.



step 4: STYLING the HAIR

with the hair WASHED OUT, it’s time to BLOWDRY & STYLE.  


blonde color correction 13

we’re going to start with nvenn’s protect.  this HEAT PROTECTANT should be applied before every layer of heat to keep your hair soft, shiny, and protected from heat damage. apply it evenly throughout the hair before and after your blowdry. it was also help you dry the hair quicker which cuts down blow dry time.


blonde color correction 14

second, we’re going to use nvenn’s replenish.  this shine restoration oil is a BLONDE’S BEST FRIEND.  not only does it moisturize the hair and restore essentials oils, it helps BLONDE HAIR shine and sparkle <3


blonde color correction 15

last, we’re going to use nvenn’s volume.  this HEAT ACTIVATED MOISTURIZER will give the hair a ton of body as we dry it.  

after a quick blowdry, the COLOR CORRECTION is complete.  rachelle has GORGEOUS GOLDEN BLONDE HAIR.


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