COVID 19 corona virus how to clean, sanitize, and DISINFECT your tools

hello everyone. welcome to today's video. we are going to teach you all about how to DISINFECT and SANITIZE your tools. there is a big conversation going around all over the world right now surrounding the covid-19 virus. as we still don’t really understand what the magnitude of this all is, we want to be sure we are prepared.


at the end of the day, you want to really make sure that you're taking the due diligence because what's very important is keeping yourself, your staff and your clients very SAFE. and that is always a matter that we take very seriously.

update: since we shot the video, we've decided to TEMPORARILY CLOSE. we want to do our part to help further spreading of the virus. covid-19 is a very new virus and there's new information coming out about it every hour. we are not claiming to be experts, however, we know that this is a situation that can't be taken very lightly and we want to do what we think is right in helping to minimize the spread of it. and when this is all over, we look forward to reconnecting with everyone!

today, we're going to go over what we would normally do every morning at night to sanitize and disinfect the ENTIRE SALON. we will also be going over some things that you can do in between each one of your clients. finally, we're going to talk a little bit about the virus to better understand it. there is so much hearsay from different sources everywhere regarding the nature of the virus - how easily you can contract it, how spreadable it is, how long it can live for. so we're going to try to cover as much as we can to help keep you, your staff and your clients safe.

we're going through semi quarantine right now as a city and a lot of businesses and restaurants are closing down. prior to closing, we've asked our clients if they want to reschedule or not? a large chunk of our clients don't want to reschedule. many consider hair and ESSENTIAL SERVICE ;) however, we will continue to FOLLOW the GUIDELINES put in place by the government as they happen. at the time of filming this video, we're still allowed to perform services. the only thing that we're not allowed to do is have gatherings of more than 50 people.


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understanding COVID-19

first, let's talk about the virus. according to our health officials, the virus can live on cardboard surfaces and fabric for up to 24 HOURS. it can live on plastic and stainless steel surfaces for 72 HOURS. so, you want to make sure that you are cleaning all those surfaces. it is also airborne in moisture droplets from the body for up to 3 HOURS. airborne droplets just means that when people cough, the fluids that come out of the lungs or saliva in tiny droplets can be suspended in the air. if you come into contact with those fluids - you can also contract the virus.

anyone that's been traveling outside of the country or in a lot of public spaces, even if they're on a train or bus, can be at a higher risk. unfortunately, symptoms don't show up for up to 14 DAYS. so the first step you can take, to avoid the spread, is to rebook any clients that have travelled recently for at least 14 days after they have returned. 

veronica was actually in italy when this was starting to go down and luckily didn't travel to any region with confirmed cases of it, but being at the airport (you have people coming in from all over the world) puts her at a higher risk. to be responsible and avoid the risk of spreading the virus, she did REBOOK her clients for after that 14 day period. it's very important that everybody takes that little bit of responsibility if they think they are infected or that they've been in contact with someone that might be infected.

cleaning vs. disinfecting

CLEANING is just surface level things and it should be done very regularly. it also should be done always BEFORE you disinfect. you can't be disinfecting a dirty surface. so that means getting any particles or anything left on the counters or surfaces off.

DISINFECTING is killing the pathogens that might be there. there could be a virus or bacteria lingering on surfaces even after cleaning. so, disinfecting is the next step to kill all the bacteria to make sure that it is fully sanitized.

steps we are taking

nvenn is a pretty green salon and we don't like to use a lot of disposible paper products. but, in a situation like this, you don't want to be reusing towels. you’ll want to go with a DISPOSABLE option so that you can get rid of it right away. as soon as a stylist uses a towel, rather than putting it into the bin, place them directly into the washing machine. if you are able, constantly be running the machines so you always have fresh towels.

make sure your CAPES are changed with every single visit, so you're not transferring capes from person to person. you should be doing this anyways regardless of covid-19.


washing and drying laundry at really HIGH TEMPERATURES will be enough to kill any pathogens that are on it. 


taking out the trash every single day is also a good preventative measure to make sure any pathogens lingering in the trash are disposed of. 

make sure you're SANITIZING everything in between your clients. use your disinfectant on there. make sure it says on the bottle that it does kill viruses.

you can use a spray with a disposable paper towel or napkin that you throw out each time or you can use the wipes. when using sprays, once you clean the surface, spray it on everywhere. let it sit for at least 30 seconds, and then wipe it off to be sure that it KILLS EVERYTHING

what happens a lot of times we use products, but we don't necessarily use them PROPERLY. read the directions to make sure you are using them effectively.



let's talk about using BARBICIDE properly because we feel like most people use barbicide incorrectly. first, you're supposed to wash your tools first with hot soapy water.

then you're supposed to put it in the barbicide for 20 MINUTES

then you wash it again in hot soapy water and then you let it dry on a clean towel or paper towel. 

this process follows the same process we discussed earlier. always CLEAN and then DISINFECT - get rid of all the particles, then kill the pathogens.

so, if you have a comb, wash off all the hair color and hair, and then you place it in the barbicide. you don't throw it in with all the hair and the color on there. this leaves a ton of DEBRIS in your barbicide.

usually, you can clean your barbicide jar just once a day. however, amidst this coronavirus scare, we are going to advise you that you change your barbicide EVERY MORNING and again EVERY NIGHT. you can't be too clean.

when you first change it in the morning, you're going to use that throughout the day. and then change it again at night and give all of your tools a second soak at the end. do that same thing every single day.

proper barbicide use:

in this jar jessica has her tools from her last client, you can see these have been SOAKING for a little while. once removed from the disinfectant, we're going to put them in the sink and rinse them with really hot water.

then, you can use nvenn 'wash'. this shampoo is a great ASTRINGENT. so i'm just going to soap up the tools to get off the residue of any barbicide set that is on there. 

be sure to RUB in between all of the bristles.

then RINSE again

these are now SANITIZED so you can lay them down on a clean towel to dry

now that the tools are sanitized, we need to clean the JAR. first thing we're going to do is DUMP out the old product. 

next, rinse it with HOT WATER.

then you can add your new barbicide to the jar. the directions on the bottle state that you need to add 62.5 MILLILITERS to a standard barbicide jar. you can eyeball to about 1.5 centimeters high.

finally, fill the jar up the rest of the way with STEAMING HOT WATER

at the end of the day, even though your tools were disinfected after using them, its a good idea to throw all of the tools in there a SECOND TIME at the end of the day.

you can let these sit for 20 minutes in the barbicide. then take them out and re-rinse them again with soap and hot water. be sure you are using another NEW TOWEL to let them dry on, placing the used towel directly into the laundry.

disinfect the entire salon

we're going to go ahead and do a quick but thorough, clean just to give you an idea of what you need to do every single day and in between your clients. these are all practices that you should be doing regardless of the threat of a disease - but now is a good time to bring light to our HYGIENE PRACTICES in the salon. 

some heavy touch surfaces that we want to be cleaning outside of just combs and clippers are: your trolley stations, tops, chairs, chair arms, chair backs, door handles, debit machines, flat irons. your PHONE is another very important surface to clean.

also remember your bathrooms. be sure to get the toilets, covers, nozzles, sinks, handles, and doorknobs.


after taking a client out of the chair we have to sanitize it properly. the chair can be very DIRTY after a client. on this chair, we have color running down, and other stains. there is also a decent amount of hair on it and the floor. 

so to first clean the chair, use SOAPY water and a clean towel, make sure you get all the hair and debris off. 

again, you can use the nvenn 'wash' for this. it is a great CLEANSER and smells amazing. and the essential oils are almost like a CONDITIONER for everything as well. you want something gentle, especially if you have leather chairs.

now we're doing the DISINFECTANT stage. we use a clean paper towel and spray, or use the disinfectant wipes. again, if you use the spray be sure to let it sit for 30 seconds.

wipe the chair and sink down completely clean. remember HANDLES and anything that people are TOUCHING.

now your tools. be sure to let them completely COOL before you wipe off all the debris from the tools.

then you want to spray cleanser on and let it sit on for 30 seconds. 

afterwards, take a paper towel and just give it a quick WIPE everywhere. 

if your clients saw you disinfecting everything like this, they would feel so APPRECIATIVE that you're doing everything in your power to keep everything sanitary for them. 

you can also get CAVI WIPES, those wipes are actually hospital-grade cleaning wipes.

now we're going to go onto clippers and sheers. you want to make sure that we're removing, all the hair in here. again, we're doing the clean, then we're going to do the disinfecting. this should be done BETWEEN EACH CLIENT

so we're going to use the CLIPPERCIDE

spray them all over, make sure that both blades are covered LIBERALLY

then, let them sit for 10 minutes and allow it to DRY

do the same to your clippers. apply the clippercide liberally to the metal blades.

PROTIP: hold it upside down and turn it on. this allows the clippercide to rub inside and disinfect in between both blades. holding it upside DOWN prevents the clippercide from running into the motor.


we hope you enjoyed that. it was a little boring, but it needs to happen.

all of these cleaning products are very strong so maybe wear GLOVES while you disinfecting your salon to avoid harming your hands. if you are going to use gloves, make sure you are also disinfecting those gloves or throwing them out after every use.

also be sure to OIL your tools! this will help keep your tools in tip top condition.

and of course - always WASH your HANDS! that is the best way to make sure that you are not transferring any viruses from touching your face, touching your nose, or eyes.

but please, stay HOME, don't work. this is not about just trying to keep your business going. it’s about being socially responsible and keeping yourself, staff, and clients safe!

that's it guys. if you have any questions, leave a comment below and be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel! if you guys are bored and at home and on quarantine, shoot us a message and tag us on instagram, tell us what you're doing and we'd love to chat with you guys!

go out there and create the life that you dreamed of! bye!

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