creating a brown BALAYAGE on black hair

hello guys, so today veronica is here with meli. her goal is to LIFT some of the BLACK out of meli’s hair. she is going to perform a BALAYAGE to LIGHTEN out the black. she is going to get mali’s hair to the lightest shade of BROWN that she can WITHOUT DAMAGING the hair.

the good thing about this change of color is that we are not switching to a blonde, so veronica will not need to lift the color too much. the key is to keep meli’s hair very HEALTHY. in a month or two she might add a couple of lighter extension pieces so she doesn't have to do too much processing.

the LIGHTENING process

veronica is going to keep the BLACK at the ROOT. the hair is sectioned off at FOUR QUADRANTS.

taking sections this wide, veronica will split those in HALF.

leave out the bottom half of the section. this will maintain so black color in here ends so that her BALAYAGE is a mix of lighter and darker pieces.

the sections should be a fine WEAVE throughout the hair.

now SATURATING the hair with the lightener, make sure to FEATHER the color into the dark root so it creates a very DIFFUSED line. a good technique is turning the brush to the side to help feather the lightener.

following the same technique through the head of hair, make sure to STAGGER those sections with the BLACK you leave in each section. this ensures that there is a very DIFFUSED blend line from dark to light.

as veronica reaches the third foil, this section has the most amount of dark where she focuses the lightener on the very ends. she is going to be rotating and alternating between these three STAGGERED amounts as we work through the head

you can see how the foils are sitting by how far they are STAGGERED from the ROOT of the hair.

now veronica is working on the front of the head, specifically around the face. this is a very visual process, we can see exactly where we want the color to sit. visualize how you want to see the color in the hair and color it accordingly.

veronica wants to add a little bit more LIGHTNESS to the face. she wants more LIGHTNESS around the front. continue to stagger how much dark we leave in each section, rotating between the three staggered amounts of dark in each foil.

with the foils all applied, it is really easy to notice the STAGGERING pattern of the foils once they are all in.

when opening up the foils you can see that the BLACK color is being lifted out and the remaining pigment is exactly where it needs to be. veronica wants a RICH BROWN color so having a red-orange under pigment will add a great foundation that will hold the color well. it's going to be perfect for veronica to then apply the color next.

APPLYING the color

now that we have applied the color and SATURATED the bottom on the hair. let the color sit and then rinse.

FINAL product


the final product looks flawless and mali has a beautiful color coming through. it’s a nice CARAMEL, HONEY like tone.

the next step would be working out the color with some extensions to add some lightness in it. the great thing is after the end result the hair remains HEALTHY.

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