last week we showed you how we created short layers in long beautiful hair. we ended up turning our client krissia’s look into a stunning silver balayage. this week we are going to go show you just how we did the color process to create this amazing look.


For this step, we’ve got krissia’s hair separated into 4 quadrants. Jessica has mixed schwartzkopf "blondme" with cool additive and 30 vol. developer.

as you work your way up each section of hair, turn your brush sideways to FEATHER the color GENTLY into the hair. because krissia’s hair is so coarse, we also  applied a bit of color directly to the foil and layed the hair over top of it. this will ensure that the hair is properly saturated to create the desired balayage effect.

to create a more natural transition, you can create a MEDIUM WEAVE between every 2 or 3 sections. this weave acts as a thin veil to create a diffused  color transition transition and create stunning highlights.

as you work our way to the top of the head, you want to stagger the amount of lightener on each section. you want most of the lightened portion of the hair to fall naturally towards the bottom, so by STAGGERING the LAYERS we can create the desired effect.

continue to incorporate a section of medium weave every couple of layers to create those babylights.

for the sections with the MEDIUM WEAVE, you should apply the lightener up onto the strands, leaving about an inch to an inch and a half of dark root.


TONING the hair

with the lightening process complete, we are ready to TONE krissia’s hair.

for this step, we’ve mixed up some pravana chroma silk. for krissia’s COLOR, we are using 3/4 ‘smokey silver’ and 1/4 ‘moody blue’.

after the toner has been rinsed out, you can really see the cool silver tones and the staggered transition we created with our fine weave.


with the color and style all finished, you can see that her LAYERS transition evenly across her head and fall naturally with beautiful hightlights. And her hair is nice and soft thanks to our wonderful nvenn natural hair products!

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