this week, we’re focussing on a fan favorite: the BALAYAGE.

a BALAYAGE is “a technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.”

here's where we're starting from:

our model has very dark hair, so we’re going to employ a few different techniques to the GLOWING DARK BLONDE BALAYAGE we want.

the first step is LIGHTENING the HAIR.  to do so, we’re going to use j beverly hills max lightener + 20 vol + continiuum part 1. this is where FOIL PATTERNS come in. starting at the back, we worked from the bottom to the top of the head.  

separate small section of the hair and remember, a BALAYAGE requires a very diffused line.  to attain that line, we’re going to do a WEAVE.  with the WEAVED HAIR in your hand, you’re going to BACKCOMB the hair.

BACKCOMBING helps to break up the line of dye, ensuring that the color is NATURAL looking.  remember to STAGGER how far your lightener travels up the hair.

on the top of the head, we’re going to add BABYLIGHTS to the back combing section to attain a further diffused effect that we want.  this process starts with a VERY THIN WEAVE over top of the backcombed weave section. feather the LIGHTENER up into the dark hair. for that we’re using: schwarzkopf blondeme premium lift 9 + 20 vol + continiuum part 1

TAKE your TIME with this,  this is where the majority of the BALAYAGE effects are attained.

at this point, the hair has been developing for about an hour.  to protect the hair from damage, we’re going to wash out the bottom foils that have been developing the longest FIRST before moving on to the rest of the head.

now we’re just waiting for the FRONT SECTIONS to lighten.  after it’s processed entirely, we’ll wash it out and head to everyone’s favorite step: TONING the HAIR.

now it’s time to TONE the HAIR.  for this, we’re using j beverly hills ½ 7.22 + ¼ j beverly hills 5.1 + ¼ j beverly hills 7.1 + 20 vol.   we allow that to process for about 20 minutes, before washing it out and styling the hair.

time for the BIG REVEAL:

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