dark brown hair to BLONDE highlights- using FINE WEAVES to go blonde

hello everyone. welcome to today's video. today i'm be showing you how to take dark hair lighter using fine weaves. i love this technique for two reasons. one, it looks super natural because you're literally picking out hairs and it looks like it's growing out of the head that way, and so it's really DIFFUSED; and two, it gets a lot lighter a lot faster. because the hair is evenly mixed in with the lightener, it takes longer for the lightener to dry out, therefore it lifts lighter and it lifts it faster.

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it doesn't matter if you're new in the industry or a little wiser in the industry. sometimes it's that little nugget that helps to take your game to the next level. the reason why my sister and i are where we are today is because we've never stopped learning. i don't know if you knew this, but 10% of the stylists in the industry make 90% of the money. and the way to make that 90% is to know as much as you can possibly know. so with that, let's get right into it.

here's her hair before. you can see how DENSE the darkness is underneath there. here's how i SECTIONED her hair. it's my favorite five-section pattern; one on top, two on the back, two on the sides that go just behind the ear. in the bowl, i have mixed blondeme lightener with six grams of blue additive and half and half 20 and 30 vol because her hair is super dark.

here we have one quadrant all done, and we're going to work on the back, the second back quadrant. i started in the back because this is where all of her, this is where most of the dark is, and i want it to lighten enough so that it matches the lightness in the front. i kept the formula the same, but i mixed a fresh bowl because i don't want it to die. 

when you're working with hair that's naturally this dark, you want the lightener to be as fresh as possible. and then what i'm doing is i'm just WEAVING it. i took straight across sections so that the hair's going to look like it grew out of her head this way.

and i'm leaving a little bit of a SHATTERED ROOT so that it has time to grow in or like it grows in a little more diffused rather than it having a harsh line. so here i have the weave done, i'll put the foil underneath so it's easier to see. like that. and with nicole's hair, because she does have such a high density of hair, the weaves can't be too thin; otherwise, you're not going to be able to see the color. so i bring it up a little bit and then obviously don't overlap, just feather it right on.

now i'm just going to continue this all the way up her head. what we're doing differently from this time to last is we want her to be super blonde, so i'm not even going to STAGGER the amount of blonde that's in there, i'm just going to bring it right up to where i want her shattered root to start.

so most people have this little fine baby hair right there. you want to foil that too so you make sure that they don't have this just spot of dark stuff right in their hairline. i'm going to do the same thing, just FEATHER in lightener. and you're going to do this all along the hairline that has this baby hair.

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here's her hair all done, you can see. it's all done, isaiah. isaiah, wave to the camera. can you see it? you got to come over here, though, we can't see you. you're too little. you can see her foils here. her hair is nice and cleanly white, so we're ready to rinse. oh, there he is. wave.

so here's the hair all power dried. i toned it with 10.21 from davines. now i'm going to style her hair with some replenish and volume. i love these two blended together. replenish is always great when you're first lightening the hair; the combination of oils in this helps to just fill the hair shaft really nicely, so it dries nice and shiny. 

i'm also going to put it in some volume because nicole loves VOLUME, lots of body. so the key with working with volume is you really want to break it down in your hands before you put it into the hair and you also want to power dry it so it's about 85%, 90% dry. it gives a ton of body and it has a ton of tact, so it's difficult to work with when the hair is too wet. 

so you're just going to get it in all over. start with the areas where the hair is the most dense in the crown. work your way down through the bottoms, and then in through the sides. once you have it evenly applied, you're going to go through and power dry the hair one more time. and then you want it about 95% dry before you start putting a brush into it.

so that's it for today's video. i hope you enjoyed it. and more importantly, i hope you learned something. make sure to on over to nvenn.com to check out all of our products and also make sure to head on over to enter our monthly product giveaway. you can do that at nvenn.com/giveaway. even if you've won before, the system randomly draws for a winner, so you might be able to win again. other than that, that's it for today. so have a beautiful weekend. bye.

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