day of the dead HALLOWEEN hair pieces

HALLOWEEN is one of our absolute favorite holidays! it’s a day when we can be whoever or whatever we want to be.

this year, veronica has put together an amazing DAY of the DEAD sugar skull makeup tutorial on our sister channel - Dollar Eyelash Club, and today she is going to show us how to make an awesome ornamental hair piece to put the finishing touch on this great halloween makeup look inspired by decorated floral skulls that line the streets during  mexico’s DIA de los MUERTOS festivities.


veronica has found some great floral accessories to complete the ensemble.

you can find artificial flowers at any craft store, they usually come attached to a plastic stem with a wire running through the center. you want to start by removing the flowers from the stems.

one of the floral pieces came apart in 2 pieces when it was removed from the stem. fortunately veronica has a trick to attach them back together.

using a bit of thin craft wire with a plastic coating, veronica is going to reattach the two pieces together. normally you would want to use a wire with the same color as the hairpiece so that it blends in, but you can usually hide the wire completely when you pin the hair up.

veronica is threading the wire through the stems of the flowers, to anchor both pieces together.

she then creates a small loop and twists it together to create an anchor point to bobby pin the flowers into the hair.

the next flower is all in one piece, but it doesn’t have very much underneath to anchor it to the head, so using a little bit more wire magic, veronica wraps the around the base of the flower between the ‘petals’ and the ‘leaves’. this will give her a bit more of a solid base to anchor the bobby pins to.

FINISHING TOUCH to the halloween makeup

veronica has applied her day of the dead makeup, and now she is ready to fix her hair up to add the final touch to this great halloween look.

she begins by applying some nvenn ‘fix’ working hairspray to give some flexible hold, and a bit of a volume boost to the hair.

using bobby pins, she anchors the pieces to her head by criss-crossing 2 bobby pins through the loops she created with the craft wire. she also uses bobby pins to fasten some of the little branches to the strands of her hair to prevent the flowers from flopping around.

the final look is a frighteningly glam halloween look that is sure to impress everyone at the monster-mash.

if you want to see how veronica created this look, be sure to check out the tutorial on our sister channel, @dollareyelashclub, and be sure to like and subscribe @nvennhairbeauty for a new video every week. If you have any questions or comments, drop a line in the comments below and let us know what kind of videos you would like to see in the future!

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