DRIP DYE hair tutorial: how to master the look

welcome to PART 2 of the DRIP DYE tutorial. last week, i lightened aly’s hair to get a clean slate for this gorgeous look. this week we’re getting to the exciting part: the DRIP DYE COLOR!


TONING the hair (again)

it’s important to get a CLEAN SLATE before trying to color hair any bright colors.

before the toner drip dye

it’s been about a week and a half since our last tone, so her hair color has gotten warm. i will need to tone aly’s hair one more time before i color it. my goal is to get it as close to a white palette as possible.

hair toner in drip dye

you can see how well the toner is pulling the brassy tones out of aly’s hair.

toned hair drip dye

after a quick wash and dry, i’m ready to start the COLOR.


i’m going to start by sectioning out the hair. it’s always BEST to section the hair before you color. this ensures the color is organized and clean. you really want to properly section the hair because this DRIP DYE TREND gets messy.

horseshoe hair pattern

on the very top of the head, i’m making a HORSESHOE section.

drip dye hair sectioning pattern

with the rest of the hair, i’m making the sections about 2-inch sections around the entire head.

TIME to DRIP DYE this hair!

as i mentioned before, this can get messy.

drip dye hair station

i’ve covered this part of the salon with trash bags to PREVENT heavy clean up.

gift wrap for drip dye

instead of traditional foils, i’ll be using this clear gift wrap so that we can see the color while it’s processing. now we’re ready to reveal the COLOR PALETTE for aly’s DRIP DYE look.

the colors for the drip dye style

i’ll be mixing several different combinations of these shades to create the DYNAMIC look.

mix ratio for drip dye

to achieve the perfect consistency for the color, you want to mix the color with water until you have a runny but still pigmented mixture.

right ratio for drip dye

APPLYING the color

initial color

much like the name of the style implies, i’m going to DRIP the color sporadically on this section of hair.

wide tooth comb

next, i’m adding another color before i use a WIDE TOOTH COMB to comb through the hair.

this will help disperse the color and create a UNIQUE look.  for aly’s hair, i’m going for a more saturated look, but if you leave some of the blonde throughout, it will show through in the final result.

by the roots

on the section closest to her roots, i’m using the COLOR BRUSH to apply color. since i am using different colors section through sections, i want to keep the colors fairly clean.  i don’t want to risk dripping color on to the next section by trying to pour the color directly on the roots.

sectioning the hair during dye

before we move to the NEXT SECTION, we’re going to apply the clear plastic over top of it to keep the colors separated.

layer 2 colors

for this section, we’re using a BLUE combination and a PURPLE blend.  

blue and purple

we’ll also be using a CLEAN wide tooth comb. don’t make the mistake of using the same comb with the last section’s color!

third color

next, i’m using a ROSE and PINK and MAGENTA combination before i move on to the top of the head.

the TOP of the HEAD

sectioning the horseshoe

i’ll be splitting the top HORSHOE SECTION into three parts. this will make the color easier to apply.

rose and light purple drape

this will help me make sure aly’s hair is saturated and the blend of color is BEAUTIFUL. i’d like the top portion of hair to be a lighter shade so we will be working more in the pastel shades.

all applied

i’m using a LIGHT PURPLE and ROSE color. i’m going to do the top two sections with the same color set.

the color application is FINISHED!

WASHING the color out

i need to be very careful while washing out.  

to keep the colors from bleeding, i’m going to wash the hair out section by section.you’ll notice i clipped back the hair with the plastic still in to prevent the sections from touching.

sections for wash out

i’ll be using ICE COLD WATER to prevent the color from bleeding.


drip dye look done

it took a long time but the results were worth it! this DRIP DYE look is super dynamic. with these artificial colors, you will want to recommend that your client continues to use cool water and a color saving shampoo like ‘wash’ to preserve the color as long as possible.

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