drip dye pt 4: removing HAIR COLOR STAIN to create a two-toned #blonde

veronica here! ally is back in my chair for the fourth time. i’ve been documenting her hair’s journey from drip dye part 1 all the way to now. today i’m going to be removing HAIR COLOR STAIN and taking ally to a beautiful two-toned blonde. 

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LIGHTENING the hair 

hair color

like most artificial colors, the pink from our original drip dye has stained ally’s hair. it’s typical of these colors to fade up to this point before ‘staining’ the hair. to remove it, i have to lighten the hair. i’m going to take care of this hair color stain as i create her highlights and lowlights. 

hair pinup

i’m starting by sectioning. it’s super important to SECTION the hair when lightening. it helps you stay organized and keeps your foiling process efficient.

the fringe


i’ll begin the lightening process in ally’s fringe. since ally parts her hair to the side, i’m angling the foils in the opposite direction. this will make sure the color is diffused. to add to the natural look, i’m alternating sections by:

1. applying the HIGHLIGHT with one section
2. and putting the LOWLIGHT in the next

    the rest of the head

    coloring formula

    for the rest of the head, i’ve mixed three formulas. 

    1. blonde me with 7 vol for her growth
    2. j beverly hills lightener with a 7 vol the HAIR COLOR STAIN
    3. j beverly hills ash 7.1 with 20 vol
      applying coloring

      in the side sections, i’m using SLICES angled forward. i’m doing 2 blonde slices, followed by 2 slices of low light. i’m not leaving a lot of space in between my foils.

      coloring nape

      in the nape, i like to angle my foils downward. a good technique to keep foils clean is folding them twice to keep the hair consolidated. 

      coloring crown

      on the crown area, i’ve chosen to start at the bottom and continuing my process.

      applied coloring

      after hard labor, her blonde foils are complete! now for a few more...

      correcting the HAIR COLOR STAIN

      coloring stain

      i’m going to apply the gentle j beverly hills creme lightener to the stained hair. put foils down to prevent staining and CLIP THE HAIR! you want the foils to remain undisturbed and clean.

      with ALL of the lighteners and colors applied, i’m ready to wash her out. 

      with the lightener and color washed out, i’m toning her with the matrix color sync 8P and 10P.

      finished coloring

      and she’s complete! this beautiful ashey beige color is the next step in ally’s hair evolution. thank you so much for joining us! if you have any questions (or video requests) as us @nvennhairbeauty


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