eating right for HEALTHY HAIR

we’re joined by melissa of raw foods romance to discuss the importance of nutrition and the health of your hair in her NEW recipe book: plant based dips n dressings.  melissa is the founder of raw foods romance and has documented her health transformation from a-z on youtube. check it out @lissa raw food romance

it’s all about BEAUTY. beauty is everything inside and out. it’s just as important to take care of the inside of your body as it is to take care of the outside. in order to have truly HEALTHY HAIR, you need to start from the inside.

our commitment to HEALTH and BEAUTY

at nvenn, we take a very holistic approach to beauty.  it took us years to create a NATURAL, and SUSTAINABLE line because we never wanted to sacrifice performance or health.  we are also committed to staying CRUELTY-FREE.


we use PLANT-BASED PROTEINS that come from responsible sources.  each and every ingredient in our products was chosen to NOURISH YOUR HAIR with the best nature has to offer.  today, we’re going to talk about 2 of our MAIN INGREDIENTS and how they apply to your beauty inside and out.



the benefits of COCONUT

COCONUT is great for your hair, skin, and nails.  most shampoos are very astringent because they are made with harsh chemicals that strip everything out of your hair.  nvenn ‘wash’ is formulated with a coconut-based cleanser that restores moisture (and cleans the hair). if you think back to your grade 8 science class, water doesn’t lift oil, oil lifts oil.


you’ll notice that your hair will feel like to conditioned it after you shampooed it. nvenn’s “washHYDRATES YOUR HAIR leaving it incredibly soft and shiny.

eating right for HEALTHY HAIR 1

the best part? coconut is great for you internally too! in fact, coconut has less fat than an avocado is a great anti-inflammatory.  in melissa’s recipe for coconut veg salad, she uses young thai coconut to cut the fat and add beauty benefits.


the benefits of SEA KELP

sea kelp is HIGH IN BIOTIN (B7 or vit h) , otherwise known as the BEAUTY VITAMIN. biotin is necessary for the metabolism of proteins, carbs, and fat.  vitamin b7 is responsible for breaking down proteins into things that our bodies can use to make our HAIR HEALTHY. without the proper levels of biotin the hair becomes dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.

eating right for HEALTHY HAIR 2


our entire line has a base of ORGANIC SEA KELP to ensure your hair is STRONG, SHINY, and SOFT.


if you want healthy hair, make sure to include biotin into your daily routine.  use nvenn products to protect your hair from the outside and seek food sources that are high in vit b7.  in melissa’s veg salad, there are 4 major sources of B7 for raw and vegan eaters.

  • cauliflower
  • almond
  • sea kelp
  • spinach


in the video, she sliced celery for the spread but you can use mini peppers or any veggie you see fit for this delicious dip. 

eating right for HEALTHY HAIR 3


the importance of HEALTHY CHOICES

HEALTH and BEAUTY go hand-in-hand.  the only way to truly reach your beauty goals, is to treat your inner and outer body with the same respect.  whether you’re a super health nut or just trying to improve your health- always choose natural products and whole foods for the best results.

if you have a question for lissa or for us, leave a comment!  we’re always happy to help

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