from BOX DYE brunette to BLONDE

despite how much your stylist will lecture you, she’ll still help when you’ve used BOX DYE.  in this week’s video & blog, we’re doing just that.  when our lovely friend tenaya came into the salon, she had badly damaged hair that was sitting at around a level 6.  she wanted to go from BOX DYE black to BLONDE.


this COLOR CORRECTION is a difficult one, due to the fact that her hair is so badly damaged and she wants to keep ALL of her LENGTH. to do so, we’re going to use various TECHNIQUES and FORMULAS.

damaged hair

what we’re going to start with is COLOR REMOVER.  

using COLOR REMOVER to get rid of old pigment

we mentioned that tenaya’s hair had been BOX DYED above.  we need to address the color left behind by that dye before really diving into the hair.

so we’re going to use pravana artificial color extractor. this will strip the remaining pigment from the previous dye jobs out by shrinking the color molecule and allowing them to be washed out.  


FIRST, we used the clarifying shampoo from the pravana artificial color extractor on her hair.  SECOND, we paint the COLOR EXTRACTOR on the hair from root to end.  AFTER we applied the COLOR EXTRACTOR, we let her sit under heat for 20 minutes before washing it out.

pravana on

after another thorough round of the clarifying shampoo in, the hair is ready to go. NOTE: really make sure that ABSOLUTELY ALL the pravana and old color molecules are stripped from the hair. coloring after this can cause the old color molecules to reoxidize, so it is a MUST that they are completely gone

washed out hair

after we rough dried the hair, we used the j beverly hills protein spray to give it a little love.  you’ll notice that her hair is still very dark and that’s because the pravana artificial color extractor only removes dyes,  not the natural color of the hair.   


for the first process of lightener, in order to keep the lightening process for each section the same (and save a few hours of foils), we’re going to apply the lightener to the ENTIRE head.  to preserve her hair, we’ve decided on a BLONDE OMBRE with a darker root color.  

we started by organizing the hair into 4 even sections and starting in the back.  we’re using very thin section to ensure that the hair is saturated.

to LIGHTEN her hair, we’re using schwarzkopf blondeme premium lift 9 + 20 vol + continiuum part 1

lightening step one

to create NATURAL lines, we’re using a FEATHERING technique to apply the lightener and avoid HARSH LINES.  we’ll even paint more on to the sides of the section, rather than the center for a DIFFUSED line. with each alternating section, we’re staggering the length we travel up the head to ensure we’ve got a NATURAL LOOK.


then we let her sit for about an hour before taking a look at the foils:

lightener out

after we’ve washed the first process of LIGHTENER out, we head back to the chair to do the 2ND process of lightener.  in this case, we’re doing BLONDE OMBRE foils.  when we get to the top of the head, we’re going to use BABYLIGHTS + BACKCOMBING to create seamless color.

using BABYLIGHTS for a SEAMLESS transition

now that we’ve reached the lightest the hair will go in this sitting, we’re ready to incorporate BABYLIGHTS.  again, we’re suing schwarzkopf blondeme premium lift 9 + 20 vol + continiuum part 1 to accomplish this.

BABYLIGHTS are created by taking a natural slice of the hair and create a baby fine weave throughout the hair before clipping it aside.  



we’re going to backcomb the remainder of the section and apply the lightener.



after the lightener gas processed entirely, we’re going to wash it out and move on to TONER.




now we’re ready to TONE the HAIR.  on the top section , we’re mixing ½ schwarzkopf igora royal 8.11 + ½  j beverly hills 8.22 + 2t .

toner 1

for the BOTTOM of the hair, we’re using ½ matrix color sync 8p + ½ matrix color sync 10p + 2t

bottom toner

we painted the toner throughout the hair, taking note to respect the individual sections and coat every strand of hair.  as the TONER processes, it begins to cancel out the yellow and brassy tones that were exposed from the lightener.  we let this process for a full 20 minutes.

toner process



now it’s time to WASH the toner out.  we used nvenn’s WASH, our low-sudsing COLOR SAVE SHAMPOO.  this coconut cleanser is designed to meet the needs of BLONDE HAIR.  it’s gentle, moisturizing, and maintains the COLOR CORRECTION well.

with the TONER WASHED OUT, it’s time to use continiuum part 2.  this treatment will sit on for 15 minutes and help to repair the hair after the treatment it’s undergone today.

washed out



we’ve come a long way after about 8 HOURS of work.  now we just have to STYLE THE HAIR.  

FIRST, we’re using nvenn’s REPLENISH OIL.  

this awesome nourishment oil will help maintain the health of the hair and replenish what has been taken away by processing the hair.  tons of SHINE & COLOR POP. simply rub it through your fingers to warm it and apply it evenly throughout the hair (focussing on the ends).

after we used our REPLENISH OIL, we prepare her hair for heat with PROTECT.  

PROTECT is nvenn’s awesome heat protectant.  you apply this evenly to the hair between each layer of heat to create a BARRIER between the HEAT and YOUR HAIR.  

EX: before the BLOW DRY and before the FLAT IRON.



final hair

the work well was worth it!  her beautiful BLONDE HAIR looks and feels healthier than before, and she’s thrilled with her color.  

are you trying to make the jump the BLONDE HAIR?  let us know what you think of this BLONDE OMBRE HAIR and your plans for the future ;)

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