from faded blonde to DARK BROWN BALAYAGE

jessica has been doing andrea’s hair for close to two years now.  when she started, her hair was very blonde and now she’s sitting at this pinkish blonde color.  now we’re going to use the color andrea already has in her hair to create a DARK BROWN BALAYAGE.

want to snag the formulas for yourself?  click here to snag our cheat sheet :)


step 1:  FILLING the color

due to the fact that her hair is so pre-lightened, we’re going to need to fill her hair before we color her hair to the DARK BALAYAGE.   like most of our styles, the process starts with SECTIONING the hair into 4 even quadrants.

we didn’t add any copper pigment into the brown fill formula because there's still some reddish- pink pigment remaining in her hair from before. we will add BLONDE BABYLIGHTS to add dimension to her hair.  try to visualize how much BLONDE you'll want in the finished look.  go through section by section to decide the placement you want and remember: you want to MIRROR what you do on the right side with the left side.

once we’re above the WIDEST part of the head, we’re going to add a BABYLIGHT to the top of each section to break up the line so that the DARK BALAYAGE will look natural. feather the color down, and be careful to not overlap.  

REPEAT this pattern around the head.  when you’re done, it should look like this:

now we’re going to let the color finish PROCESSING and wash it out.  from there, we’re going to repeat this exact foil pattern with the final color on her head.  but before we jump into the last of the coloring, here’s what andrea’s hair looks like after the FILL.

step 2: creating the DARK BALAYAGE

now that her hair is filled, it’s time to expand!  we’re going to mix 7N to put over any of the “fill color” we just applied, and for the lighter blonde or pinkish we’re going to put on 9.1  on to tone it.  once we do this color, it’s going to be perfect!

on the midshaft, we're using the darker color. use the fill color to guide where you color the dark. make sure to feather the color in.  as you use your comb, make sure not to pull through the ends to ensure the color doesn’t bleed into the blonde.

once you get to the section with the BABYLIGHTS, you’re going to need to pick out all the blonde and refoil it with the 9.1.  paint the remainder of the blonde ends with the 9.1 as well to make sure that everything gets TONED OUT.  

follow this pattern all the way around the head.  from there, all you need to do is WASH & STYLE.

and oila! the final product:

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