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if you’ve ever rocked blonde locks, you’ve probably wondered how to get PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR at one point or another.  despite the horror stories of LIGHTENING HAIR TO BLONDE you’ve likely heard, it isn’t impossible to go blonde (even after a box dye).

in this case, Jessica’s longtime friend Ally was having that exact problem.  after dozens of at-home dye jobs on her hair, Ally wanted PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR.  



watch the video, read the blog, and ask any questions you have along the way in the comments :)

naturally as a BLONDE HAIR SPECIALIST (and close friend), i agreed to help her out -BUT- i also made her promise not to touch her hair with any hair dye after it was complete.   after all, she was getting into a 9-10 hour HAIR RESTORATION JOB.


Ally had a head of PURPLE, BLONDE, and BLUE hair.  with the use of few key products from major producers and our own line, NVENN, i was able to take Ally from PURPLE MESS to PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR! and not just platinum, but a HEALTHY, LUSCIOUS, and SOFT PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR.

and not just platinum, but a HEALTHY, LUSCIOUS, and SOFT PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR.

before we dive into the process, here’s a list of the FORMULAS & PRODUCTS for all our fellow stylists:



  • clear + 2T 
  • schwarzkopf blondeme premium lift + 30 vol 
  • schwarzkopf blondeme premium lift + 20 vol 
  • ds labs continuum (part 1) 
  • 20 vol blondeme developer 
  • ds labs continuum (part 2) 
  • schwarzkopf igora royal 9.5-22 + 10 vol 
  • matrix 9p + 10vol




                    STRIPPING the OLD HAIR COLOR

                      TO START, i needed to strip the purple from her hair before applying any bleach or dye.  this is where i turn to an amazing product from the J Beverly Hills line called ‘clear’.  i mixed ‘clear’ with a bit 2T, so I could begin to REMOVE THE PURPLE PIGMENT from Ally’s hair.

                      on the top portion of her hair, i put a SHWARZKOPF BLONDEME and a 30 vol on her regrowth areas.  i only recommend using 30 vol when the regrowth hair is a level 6 or darker.

                      STARTING from the PURPLE, i began to paint on everything because of the way the purple pigment has bled into the blonde.  normally, you would try your best to not touch the blonde parts but this is a special case.  if you’re in a situation where the color has bled, coat the whole head.

                      AFTER ABOUT 30 MINUTES...


                      LIGHTENING and TONING the HAIR

                      Ally’s hair started to LIGHTEN TO BLONDE and turned into mostly a level 10.  although the majority of it was blonde, there were still areas that were blue around the tips.  that meant it was time to take it to the next step of LIGHTENING to REMOVE the BLONDE TINTS.


                      to do this i went back to our good friend SHWARZKOPF BLONDEME, but this time we only used a 20 vol.  as the BLUE PIGMENT is simply a stain, i didn’t need to use 30 vol.

                      with this go around, i also used DS LABORATORIES CONTINUUM on Ally’s hair.  CONTINUUM repairs the hair, helps keep the cuticles in your hair intact and solidifies strong hair bonds while lightening the hair.  that’s an amazing tool, especially when your method to save your friend’s hair is go PLATINUM BLONDE.

                      this pass was done the same as the first, BOTTOM to TOP.

                      after i let that sit for about another HALF HOUR, and the second CONTINUUM treatment, it was time to check and see how much blue was left.  there was only a small amount of blue left, so i put a nice coating of DEVELOPER on her hair.


                      PREVENTING DAMAGE:

                      now Ally’s hair is basically ready to go.  in the video you can still see bits of red from past dye jobs, but that’s ok.  to make sure she got amazing colors and tones, we mixed Schwarzkopf 9.5-22 and 10 vol.  for Ally’s roots, i used a nice 9P to give her that PEARL PLATINUM BLONDE TONE.

                      after her hair was all washed out, i broke out the NVENN’S REPLENISH rejuvenating oil.  

                      not only does it help keep your COLOR STRONG it STOPS COLOR from BLEEDING OUT when you wash it.

                      SECOND, i hit her hair with NVENN’S PROTECT spray to keep her PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR SAFE from any heat damage.

                      ONCE the HAIR WAS DRY, i sprayed some of NVENN’S FIX on my comb, and followed my comb with the hair dryer all the way up her head.  at the end, Ally’s hair was healthy, luscious, soft and beautifully PLATINUM BLONDE.


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