hair tutorial: 5 tips to tie a LOOSE BRAID

jessica here :) BRAIDS are an ever-popular hairstyle that never goes out of style. but be honest… it’s a lot harder than it looks to get the perfect look. we’ve all had a moment where we’re envious of the LOOSE BRAID HAIRSTYLES that dominate Instagram.

today, i’m showing you the easiest way to achieve the PERFECT LOOSE BRAID with these 5 tips.

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with a bit of practice, this can be your go-to 2 SECOND HAIRSTYLE.

tip #1 before you BRAID prep the hair with nvenn ‘fix

loose braid prepping the hair with nvenn 'fix'

i’ve let my hair air dry about 2/3rds of the way before i decide to add a bit of TEXTURE and blow-dry my hair. to do so, i work ‘fix’ flexible working hair spray throughout my hair.

loose braid blowdrying the hair

to get the BEST RESULTS from blowdrying your hair, here are a few #PROTIPS that will elevate your style:

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  • wait until your hair is about 80% dry before using a blowdryer.
  • use the RIGHT blowdryer. you can see our favourites here.
  • always blowdry your hair from ROOT to END.
  • use a product like ‘fix’ to ADD TEXTURE to the hair.

loose braid adding volume to the hair

this is the PERFECT way to add volume to your hair.

tip #2: take 3 BIG sections

pick what side you want your braid to rest on and get ready to section.

loose braid sectioning the hair

this starts like a lot of your FRENCH BRAID HAIRSTYLES with separating the hair into three even parts.

tip #3 and #4: BRAID from the side you want the braid to rest on AND start by pulling away from the face

creating a loose braid

on the side that you want your braid to rest, grab the frontmost section and start the braid by pulling that section back.

creating a loose braid 2

don’t braid the hair too tight. the key to making the braid looks BEAUTIFUL is loose sections.

creating a loose braid 3

tip #5: LOOSEN the braid

once you have the hair tye secured, it’s time to loosen the braid.

loosening the braid

starting at the top of the braid, you want to gently pull the braid apart and loosen it. this is the part that’s science ;) you don’t want to pull too hard and compromise the style, so take your time. if you have any strays, you can always RETIE the hair tie and secure the look.

loose braid complete

there you have it! the PERFECT LOOSE BRAID. the secret is all in the hair prep. if you have any questions or want me to show you a different style, leave a comment @nvennhairbeauty.

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