hairSTYLES of spring 2016

The fashion and beauty industry is forever changing at an extremely rapid pace. What's hot one minute can be out the next. Our job as your beauty expert is to keep you up to date with what's happening today. We would have failed at our job if people were still rocking their 80s perms and round brushed bangs. We understand that's a drastic analogy but it gets the point across. We researched the runways all over the world to see what the top fashion and beauty experts are doing for hairstyles this spring. Here are the trending hairsyles for spring 2016: 1) Lived in waves lived in waves lived in waves2 2) pony tails - Pigtails pony tails 2 pony tails 3 pony tails 3) 70s inspired waves 70ws70s 4) Natural texture hbz-ss2016-beauty-trends-natural-texture-mccartney-bks-a-rs16-3576chloe-gettyimages-490954608 5) Braids braids braids 3 braids 2 6) Messy buns messy buns2messy buns3 7) Twisted hairstyles messy buns twist 3 8) Super sleek hair straight Straight 2 Now get inspired and get creative. We aren't saying these styles are the end all be all. Use them as inspiration for your own hair styles. The best part about hair is that it can look different everyday.

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