HIGHLIGHTING PLACEMENT for microlink extensions

hey guys. we're back with leah and her extensions. last time, we showed you how to match extensions to her hair. so what we're going to do is show you today is how to retouch a color when you have micro-link extensions in the hair. 

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so i'll show you what we got to do to work around the extensions and the look how beautiful they look when they are all finished! i'll show you step-by-step how we do that.

assessing and prepping the hair

this is what we're getting started with. so she has a ton of NEW GROWTH and she has her wefts and tracks in her hair. so we're going to have to work around these to do a retouch on all of her hair.

so the goal is that we want all her hair except what is in the weft to be colored. so we want to make sure to get everything underneath and in between. 


start by sectioning the hair. we have a HORSE SHOE SECTION at the top, which is divided into two. 

then we have all the wefts SECTIONED OUT together in the center here. we are going to start foiling on the bottom, so we have the hair underneath on the sides and underneath in the nape and we're going to start foiling from underneath and work our way up. the key with doing any color placement when you're foiling here is to be ORGANIZED, especially in this situation.

we want to make our life very easy working with the extensions and we want to make sure that we are getting all the hair and we're not missing anything.

FOILING the hair

starting on the very bottom here, we put in all our foils. 

now we're going to pull down our FIRST TRACK. what we want to do is pull down all the hair that goes all the way up into the second track, so all the loose hair is going to be here that we're going to foil, so we want to make sure to get everything in BETWEEN both wefts. 

now we have all the hair in between the first and the second track foiled. 

we're going to move onto the SIDE SECTIONS now that are still underneath the weft, so we're going to foil in all of the hair on the sides. 

then, work through to the other side and we're going to do the SAME THING. we can see now we have all of the side sections foiled now as well as the underneath.

we are now going to pull down the next track of hair and we're going to FOIL all the hair in between. we just have one thin section here so it's going to be very easy to fill this one in.

once we take down our last weft, the entire bottom portion of the head foiled. all we have to worry about now is the top horseshoe, which is very simple. 

the top of the head

we are going to take that one half of the horseshoe and we're going to split that into HALF and we are going to foil the FRONT section of each side first. 

you can see now we have both front sections left and right done and now we're ready to move on to the two back sections of the horseshoe.

with that all done now we have the entire head FOILED, all the crown, everything in between the wefts. we are going to have a really nice completed look with this where we don't have any hair or new growth that is missing. 

we are ready to WASH OUT now and TONE. so let's take her to the sink and pull these foils out. i'm going to tone her new growth with the 9/3s. that's going to match perfectly to the rest of her hair.

there you guys have it. we're all done. leah's hair, her color is ALL FINISHED

that's how you want to do it when you have micro-link extensions in the hair. 

so if you guys have any questions about it, leave a comment below. you're going to be talking directly to us and make sure to hit that little bell. subscribe to the channel. we have new videos coming out every friday. bye!

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