highlighting technique for GROWING OUT GREY hair

hello everyone. we're here with erin, again. she's co-starred in one or two videos before.

you can see here that she had a reddish burgundy color before.


she's pretty salt and pepper gray, about 50% in the front, and then more in the back. 

highlight technique for grey hair

we want to give her the best grow out possible because she's actually sick of dying her hair. and, we talked about a whole bunch of different options, but this is the best. 

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basically, we wanted to bring her back as close to her natural as possible and then i'm going to show you as a closeup, but you can see it's super DIFFUSED. 

i actually did not cover her regrowth at all. it worked out to be a really great technique and we were both very happy with the result. i'm definitely happy.


here's erin's sectioning PATTERN. i'm going to divide her hair into FIVE EQUAL SECTIONS, one on the top, two on the back, and two on the sides. the side sections, i want to divide just behind the ears. 

here's a closeup of aaron's hair. you could see here on her REGROW, she's about 50% gray. then she has this band of this medium brown color, and then her mid-shaft to ends is this really dark color.

hair on foil

what you can see here is that she's pretty salt and pepper gray. what i'm going to do since we want to give it the most DIFFUSED grow out, is i'm just going to give it a finer weave. since she does wear her hair straight and curly. 

APPLYING the lightener

what i'm going to do, and what i have been doing, is i'm just going to leave her regrowth. i'm going to FEATHER it on just like that so it's more diffused, but i'm not actually going to lighten it because i want to take her back as close to her natural as possible so that it has a very seamless grow out. if i lighten her regrowth, she's going to have to start this grow process all over again from step one.

 just like that, and i'm just going to continue that. 

what i've done in all the quadrants other than the top one is i just did slices and i'm using that same feathering technique where i'm just FEATHERING overtop slightly of where the color extends into, into her natural. and then after it's when we tone it, we'll be able to blend it out really beautifully.

feathered lightener

here's a closeup of the lightener FEATHERED on. 

foil hair

here, her FOILS are all done. there you go. and i'm actually going to rinse out the front because it's all ready to go. 

foil technique

i'm just going to show you what her foils look like here. and that's perfect. i just wanted it just above a LEVEL SIX.

adding the TONER

here's erin, all wash and POWER DRIED. i'm going to be toning today with a 6.22 from j beverly hills. the reason why i wanted to lift it just pass a level six is to cut a little bit of that extra WARMTH.

finishing touches

finishing touches

here we have her all wash and power dried and it's actually perfect the way that it looks.

 I'm going to mist in some ‘fix’ and ‘replenish’ to get her ready to STYLE. 

this will be really good because she has a lot of natural texture that'll help us to blow it out straight.

final product

that's it for today's video. i hope you enjoyed it. if you have any questions or comments, leave them down below. we will get back to you. subscribe to our channel. hit the little bell. we release new videos every friday, so you will be notified as soon as we post them.

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and with that have a beautiful weekend. bye!

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