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how to achieve a COLOR MELT with extensions

today we are here with nancy and we’re going to be creating a beautiful COLOR MELT. what makes this color melt unique is that we’re going to be creating a transition that works with nancy’s extensions as well.

for this look, her natural hair will have a shadowed root that goes into a burgundy and then blend into a nice peachy coral at the ends. her extensions will have a shadowed root that goes into a burgundy and into a rosy pink at the ends. we want the extensions to have a slightly different color on the ends to create another dimension ‘of melt’ when her extensions are in.

to start, we begin by mixing 2 bowls of COLOR. on the left is a schwarzkopf blondme with a cool additive and 7 vol developer. on the right is a schwartzkopf 6.5 with j. beverly hills 40 vol.

creating the LOOK

we are using a couple different methods to achieve the COLOR MELT.

for the sections, we’re going to incorporate alternating sections of color as well as some fine weaves to create a very color diffused transition.

we want a STRONG SHADOWED look underneath so the perimeter of the hair will be a section (the first section at the bottom of the nape) that will have more dark than the other colors. This will create some added depth and definition in the underlying layers when you’re looking at her from the front.

for each section, you want to alternate the amount of dark. for example, since the first section was left pretty dark, the next section will incorporate much more light, then the next dark, and so on...

PRO TIP: turn the brush sideways and make sure to “feather or melt” the colors right into each other to prevent any gaps. if you’re melting “color with color” it’s ok to have a little overlap in color. if you’re melting color with bleach like we are today, then try to avoid too much overlap but make sure there are NO GAPS in the color.

for the mid shafts of the hair, we are using the j.bev with the 20 vol.

for the ends she applies the blondme lightener with the cool additive. the cooling additive will keep the ends from lightening out to warm orange tones.

continue this same method, alternating layers of light and dark until all of the back section is all in foils.

PRO TIP: when applying the COLOR, it’s good practice to turn the brush sideways and feather the color into the hair until it is nicely saturated.


now that she has reached the crown of nancy’s head, we’re going to begin creating alternating sections of BABYLIGHTS to really break up the color transition and create the diffused look that we’re going for.

we’ll repeat this process, but add a babylight between each alternating section.

color AFTER processing

as you can see, nancy’s hair has lightened out quite nicely. now she is ready for TONER.

after the toner. you can see how beautiful and DIFFUSED this color is. because we want it to fade into a nice dusty rose color, the key to making these fashion colors look really vibrant is to put it onto light, almost white hair.

coloring the EXTENSIONS

for the EXTENSIONS, we started with a level 10 extension because we want it to fade into a nice dusty rose color. we strategically got really light extensions so that the fashion color would look really vibrant. jessica used the same toning formula that she used on nancy’s natural hair, but this time she doubled the amount of red. so instead of using 3 grams of red pigment, she used 6 grams. by doubling the amount of red and applying it to extensions that are lighter than what her hair was lightened to, we could be sure that the color would appear a lot more vibrant and bold than on nancy’s natural hair.

PRO TIP: it’s important to keep in mind that all hair is different, and require a different process to achieve the desired result. in the case of nancy’s hair, because it is so fine, her hair did not take very long to lighten.

the FINAL look

with our process all finished, the end result is this beautiful dusty rose color. you can really see how beautiful the transition is from top to bottom. it’s a drastic change, but we LOVE the results.  

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