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how to ADD VOLUME to your hair

hello everyone! jessica is here today to show you how to get more body in your hair. we all can use a few more tricks to ADD VOLUME to hair ;)

jessica has PREPARED her hair by blowdrying it and using nvenn ‘protect’. even though she has used this product she still wants to add more BODY to the hair.

which means we’ll be using a CRIMPER. that's right, let’s bring it back to the 90’s with this old school crimper. 

crimper image how to add volume to hair blog



jessica starts by separating the top layer of her hair and PULLING it away from her face.

how to add volume to hair image 2

she SECURES it with a clip to keep it out of the way.

how to add volume to hair image 3

jessica will be leaving this top layer as a veil to HIDE our crimping secret. by taking small sections of hair, jessica will begin to crimp the ROOTS of them.

how to add volume to hair image 4

there is no required rhyme or reason to the crimping and it does not have to be perfect either. crimping the roots will PUFF UP the hair cuticle giving the hair more body.

how to add volume to hair image 5

she finished the first side and look at the VOLUME it has already given.

jessica then moves the veil of hair she has sectioned off to the other side of her head to get the other side.

how to add volume to hair blog image

she continues this along the whole top of her head. be sure that your sections are small enough that the crimper can change the texture of the whole section and not just the top and bottom.


finishing up the STYLE

once all the crimping is done, jessica will let the veil she left out down to COVER all the crimping that was done underneath.

final look how to add volume to hair

jessica's hair now has so much more VOLUME and it only took her a few minutes. the BEST part is that no one will know what you did to it. 

that’s it for today’s video. you can see the nice body that her hair has now. this is a tip that jessica brought from her younger years in junior high! jessica's hair will stay like this, and she can run her fingers through it without issues because she AVOIDED BACKCOMBING.

if you have any tips or tricks on how to ADD VOLUME in your hair, please share them! comment below we would love to hear them.

if you have any questions or comments please leave them below, we will get back to you! also, if you have any video ideas leave them below too. we already do have a long list of suggestions thanks to all of you!


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