how to CHOOSE the RIGHT shampoo and conditioner - can shampoo and conditioner fix my hair? 🤔

hello, everyone! i want to talk to you about your hair and how you can have nice hair and how the EASIEST way to have nice hair is to use the right shampoo and conditioner!

i'm going to break down what you're looking for when you're choosing a shampoo and conditioner and why you're looking for those things. 


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hair is only beautiful if it's HEALTHY. if you have long hair and it's all split and damage OR if you have a color and it's super dull and lifeless, you’re not going to have the look you want.

when you LOVE your hair, and you LOVE the way that it looks in the mirror, and you LOVE the way that YOU LOOK in the mirror, you’ll also LOVE the SELF ESTEEM and CONFIDENCE boost that you get. 

the STRUCTURE of hair

let's talk about the structure of hair first so you understand what you're looking for. think of your strand of hair, like this STRAW.

first let’s address how hair gets damaged in the first place. hair can get damaged when you color it, apply heat, chemical damage, or even mechanical damage from you brushing it too hard. 

veronica did a great series on our youtube for SPLIT ENDS - how to prevent them and how to mend them. you can check it out here. make sure to give that playlist a watch through to learn all the ins and outs of why hair gets damaged in the first place and how you can fix it yourself from home. 

let’s get back to the straw analogy! imagine your hair to look like this straw when it's HEALTHY, it's WHOLE! there are no holes in it so no fluids would leak out. as your hair starts to get damaged by color jobs, heat, too much tension, etc. - the structure of the hair then becomes compromised. i’ll demonstrate what i mean below.

i'm going to demonstrate this with a hole punch. punching holes into the straw would be similar to what happens to your hair when it gets damaged. the CUTICLE of the hair, which is the outside protective outer layer gets compromised as it becomes damaged.

the more damaged your hair is, the more holes that it'll have. 

to fix this straw, you would need 2 things; something to fill in the holes, and something to seal the filler in. your hair will need those SAME 2 things. PROTEIN is going to be what FILLS the holes and the MOISTURIZER is like the glue that will seal it in there. one without the other won't work! choosing the RIGHT shampoo and conditioner IS KEY!

PRO TIP: if i just use a moisturizing shampoo on someone and they need protein, the hair will still be really weak. if i used a shampoo that just had protein without moisture, the “holes” would be filled in, however, without moisture, it wouldn't seal it in there. 

when you're choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for you, these are things that you need to consider. for the most part, everybody has a little bit of damage or dehydration in their hair. 99% of people could benefit from using a MOISTURIZING shampoo and conditioner. if you're someone that has that damaged hair, you want to make sure you're finding shampoo and conditioner that has both. 

now that you know what your hair needs to stay strong, let's talk about the things that you're looking for when you're shopping for the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair.

shopping for your hair care

there are four essential things that you want to consider when you're shopping for the right shampoo and conditioner.


    the first thing you want to do is read the ingredients on the back of the bottle. just remember, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. there is no way that there could be the same quality of ingredients in a $3 bottle of shampoo as a $30 bottle of shampoo. INGREDIENTS DO MATTER!

    when you COMPARE a bottle of shampoo from your local drug store to a household floor cleaner like mr. clean, you're going to find a lot of similar or same ingredients. now just think about it.., would you pour mr. clean on yourself to clean your hair or your skin? probably not! So DON’T choose products that have those same ingredients!

    the issue with drugs store conditioners are that they are filled with WAXES. 

    check out this photo here. you will see me scraping this girl's hair strand. she is someone that's been using pantene pro v for a little while. 

    you can see all this waxy buildup that she has here. when you feel all this wax, you're tricked into thinking that your hair is soft, but it actually isn't. also, if there was any QUALITY ingredients in this conditioner, it wouldn't be able to PENETRATE through the waxy barrier. so checking ingredients is super important. 

    professional doesn't mean it's quality

    there are some brands there that have mastered marketing making you think that it is amazing shampoo and conditioner, but really it's just a high price drug conditioner.

    is water the first ingredient? 

    oftentimes there are a lot of lines out there that will put a bunch of water in there to fill in the bottle. the problem with that though is that you're going to need way more product to get it to leather. 

    in nvenn’s line, we keep our products very CONCENTRATED. actually, if you look at our ingredient list, our first ingredient is sea kelp extract. you use a lot less product, add water from your own shower and it'll really start to suds - without the chemicals. 

    check out this video that we've shot about the proper way to wash and condition your hair. make sure to watch that because washing your hair PROPERLY will also prevent it from getting damaged and save you money from wasting additional product.

    i love our 'wash' shampoo. it’s one of our BEST SELLING products! it uses a COCONUT BASED CLEANSER for a nice and GENTLE clean. 

    everytime i wash my clients hair, i ask them to touch their hair after i use rinse out our nvenn’s 'wash’  (BEFORE i apply their conditioner). they can see for themselves that just after ONE shampoo, their hair is EXTREMELY SOFT

    ‘wash’ is very gentle because it uses a blend of oils as it’s cleansers. as we all remember form science class - oils lift oils. we use a blend of coconut oil, soy bean oil and other oils to gentle cleanse the hair. 

    some of the other key ingredients in this product are vitamin B5 - which is a great HUMECTANT for your hair. this helps your hair bind moisture to itself. there is also a hydrolyzed silk protein (see photo below) and a PHYTO KERATIN protein blend. this shampoo is perfect for anyone with dry or damaged hair.

    nvenn's 'polish' is also amazing. it's going to work on your hair like a DAILY MINI MASK. it's infused with so much GOODNESS that's going to help to repair your dry and damaged hair to give you that BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY HAIR that you've always wanted. 

    it's base is made from ORGANIC SEA KELP EXTRACT and it’s packed with nutritious ingredients like aloe vera juice, coconut oil, hydrolyzed oats, yucca extract, honey quat, vitamin b5, silk proteins, and more. all of these ingredients are designed to FIX YOUR HAIR from the inside out.

    your shampoo and conditioner should be used as a pair

    the second thing you want to consider when you're shopping for the right shampoo and conditioner is: you want to use the shampoo and conditioner together as a pair.

    manufacturers create their shampoos and conditioners to WORK TOGETHER. it's not uncommon for people to think, “it's just shampoo - what's the difference?” but there's definitely a difference.

    let's use clarifying shampoo as the example. our hair, skin, and nails have an ACIDIC PH of 4.5 to 5.5. a clarifying shampoo has a really high ph (it’s more ALKALINE). the high ph will strip off anything that is built up onto your hair. now, the reason why you want to use that with its paired conditioner is that the paired conditioner is more acidic than normal which will help to restore the ph balance that you just stripped away. if you don’t use appropriate conditioner, your hair may not get restored in the same way.

    choose something that works for you

    the third thing to analyze when you're deciding what is the right shampoo and conditioner for you is, does it actually work for you? and you will be the only one that can tell that, or your hairstylist might be able to show you. 

    i've seen a hairline out there that the brand slogan says you will notice results in as little as three months. when i hear something like that, my b***s*** sirens go off.

    our bodies are really responsive to whatever it is that we're doing. you should be able to notice a difference from them VERY FIRST TIME that you shampoo or conditioner your hair! 

    i get ALL of my clients to touch their hair BEFORE and AFTER i shampoo it (without it being conditioned). they notice an INSTANT RESULT. same thing with the conditioner, they can feel how much softer their hair feels and see how much quicker their hair dries just after one use! 

    as soon as you try your shampoo and conditioner, whatever that may be, you need to do your own SELF ANALYSIS and decide whether or not it works. you should be able to notice an improvement (AT LEAST a little one).  

    know the condition of the current health of your hair

      know the state of HEALTH your hair is in before you pick your shampoo and conditioner! if you have damaged hair, you want to use something like nvenn’s ‘polish’ because it has PROTEIN and MOISTURE. it’s INFUSED WITH micro keratin that will penetrate into the deepest layers of your hair to repair it and rebuild it from the inside out. it's gentle enough that you can use every single day.

      PRO TIP: using PROTEIN based treatments, isn’t something that you want to do everyday. the reason being is that it’ll too heavy for your hair (referred to as OVER keratinizing). people often wonder if they can use these protein mask every day, or if they can sleep in them, and the answer is, NO! 

      you got to remember that your hair looks like this straw! here’s an analogy for you. let’s just pretend that this straw is your arm and you want to build your muscle strength. 

      when i first start going to the gym, do i start with 60 pounds bicep curls or something crazy like that? NO, i’d probably break my arm! this same concept applies to using protein masks on damaged hair; you only want to use the mask once a week. if your hair is extremely damaged, i would actually suggest only putting it on for five minutes to start. and then working your way up to 10, maybe 20, depending on how it goes. never sleep with it overnight. 

      a product that is GENTLE ENOUGH for you to use as DAILY HAIR CARE REPAIR is nvenn’s ‘polish’ ! its formulated with MICRO KERATIN that is gentle enough that you could use it everyday. 

      EVERYONE can benefit from having a GENTLE CLEANSING SHAMPOO, try out nvenn’s 'wash'. that's formulated with a coconut based cleanser and SEE FOR YOURSELF

      it’s actually so gentle that i use it to wash my dog, i use it to clean my shoes, wash off my eye makeup. it actually saves me money because i can just have this one bottle and use it for EVERYTHING! 


      if you want to try new nvenn ‘wash’ and ‘polish’ for yourself, you can click on those links and head on over to our website to grab a set for yourself. 

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      leave us a comment. let us know if you have any questions! go out there and change the world through hair and beauty. xoxo

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