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hello everyone. welcome to today's video. today i'll be teaching how to get the perfect blonde. we've all had brunettes sitting in our chairs before that say, "i want to be as blonde as possible and i want it to look natural." so, in today's video, i'll be going over little tips and tricks on how to make the blonde look like it's growing out of their head that way.

before we get into that though, let's get a little housekeeping out of the way. do subscribe to our channel. hit the little bell so you're notified whenever we post new videos, which is every friday. the kind of videos that we like to release are ones that help hairstylists take their game to the next level. the reason why i am where i am today is because i never stopped learning. so, whether you are new in the industry or a little wiser in the industry, there's always something that you can be learning. do leave your questions and comments down below; we will get back to you and yeah, that's it. so let's get started.

sectioning pattern

here's the SECTIONING PATTERN that i use. i divided the hair into five sections; one on top, two on the sides that go just behind the ear and the back is divided into two sections. so here with our foils, what i'm going to be doing is angling them all diagonal back, and i do that because it gives a really blended and diffused finish. so i'm just going to go like this. one thing about sectioning in the back side of the head is you want to make sure that you section just behind the ears, so that these foils stay nice and tight. otherwise, they have to bend all the way around the widest part and they get really loose.

and you're just going to follow this pattern all the way up until the top of the section. and in the back i'm choosing to do SLICES because she wants to be very, very heavily blonde, and this'll give the finish of her being almost solid blonde. so, here what i'm going to do is i'm going to do this little piece; she has all these little baby hairs around her hair line and if you don't get these little ones in, she's going to have a patch of darkness when she puts her hair up, or pulls it behind her ear.

so, i have these little foils. i'm going to just put one first. right here just into her little side burn. and her hair is so fine it may not even look like it needs one, but it will. if you don't do one, you'll regret it in the end; it'll have a dark spot. just put one right there.

cleaning up the baby hairs

and then i'm going to put another one because you can see there's a lot of baby hairs up here too. so i'm going to angle it a little bit higher this time like that. these ones i'm going to do DIAGONAL FORWARD and i'm going to do that all the way up. and a good way to know what the FIVE-SECTION PATTERN is, is always parallel the part line. so we're going to go this way. so again, miss beautiful virginia here has all these little baby hairs here.

what i'm going to do, because she wears her hair this way... and it doesn't really matter because i'm going to use a weave anyway, but i'm just going to take a thin section like this, and then everything on top i'm going to weave, because i want it to fall without any stripiness. and because she wants to be pretty heavily blonde, you can do a thicker weave like so.

take out dark leftovers

and i can see what i left out last time, right? so i'm going to go and pick through the other stuff so she doesn't have a whole bunch of dark leftover. you can see how much more dark, double the amount of dark there. and i won't necessarily do that on anyone. if they wanted a little bit more dimension, i'd probably pick the old highlights that i did last time, but because she wants to be super, super blonde, i'm going to take anything that has any extra dark and foil that this time.

the other thing you want to do is you want to make sure that you're getting right to the hairline again so that what she sees, she's not seeing any dark there. here's her foils all done. you can see they're all angled in not all different directions, but some are DIAGONAL BACK and some are diagonal forward. and then can you tilt your head towards me? oh yeah. there you go. see, it looks like a little star.

before toner

here's her hair before the toner is applied. okay, here we have her washed and power dried. now i'm going to throw in some replenish and some fix. these two are the best together for styling. it's going to give her a nice smooth finish and a lot of body. so, we're just going to put this in. and fix is the best blow dry agent ever. i do not like to style hair without it. it gives tons of weightless body.

finished product


here is her hair all done. the sun is a bit dim, so here's what her hair looks like by natural light. that's it for today's video. i hope you enjoyed it and more than that, i hope that you learned something. i don't know if you knew this, but 10% of the stylists in the industry make 90% of the money. and how you get into that 10% is you need to learn everything that you need to learn and execute it at the best level that you can.

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