how to color correct CURLY HAIR

hello everyone! today's video is going to be a COLOR CORRECTION on CURLY HAIR. my client, Amy, has been doing her hair at home for some time now. i haven't done her hair for a long time. I don't know how long ago it was, but the residual color has completely faded into something different. she's had to retouch it up and do different things on her own because she got a job out of town where she's working six in one. for those of you that don't know what that means, it means she goes away for six days and back for only one. it didn't make sense for her to come back.

today, we’re giving amy’s hair the LOVE it deserves.

i'm going to show you how to color correct it and formulate to get even and fluid results from root to end. before we get into it, i want to remind you to subscribe to our channel because release new videos every friday. if you have any questions throughout, leave a comment. we will answer all of those for you.

the BEFORE of amy’s hair

you can see how many beautiful different colors there are in it. we don't want to bleach out everything. we all know that color doesn't lift color. instead, we’re going to use the darkest brown as a guide to make sure everything looks FLUID and NATURAL.

the bowl on the right has 6N and the bowl on the left has ½ 7 1 and ½ 7 2. i’ve mixed them in EQUAL PROPORTIONS (one and one) because i want the color to be saturated.

and here’s why: at the TOP we can see a neutral 6, followed by a red portion. to make the color even, i don’t want to put ash where it isn’t needed.

on the lighter ends, i’ll return to a normal 6.

applying the COLOR

Amy’s CURLY HAIR requires bigger sections. since Amy wears her hair both curly and straight, i’ll need to keep a close eye on my color placement. i’m parting the hair DIAGONALLY as i paint the color on.

on the redder portions, we’re applying 7 1 and 7 2, followed by lightener and 7 vol on the ends. i’ll be alternating our COLOR PLACEMENT for a diffused look and continuing the pattern up to the CROWN of the head. keep in mind that curly hair isn’t a strong as straight hair. you’ll want to use different formulas to maintain the health of the hair.

with the two right quadrants of the head complete, i’m ready to move on to the other side of her head.

you can see that i foiled her hair with the part she likes to wear. i want to MIRROR the color on both sides. i’ll still be diagonally parting the hair as i move through it.

i want to have a stronger BLONDE look in the front, so i’m going to start from the bottom of the head and pull the blonde further up the hair. like the rest of her hair, i’m alternating sections and FEATHERING the color in.

i’m doing a WEAVE with a dark and light contrast. it’s important that you ANALYZE your clients hair and make informed decisions.


she’s ready to be washed out! when you can identify that the hair is lifting unevenly, keep in mind that you want to TONE to the darkest color to make it all one color.

with amy’s hair rinsed, i have two blondes i need to deal with. i’m going to tone the top with 8.11 and 8.22 from jbeverly hills. on the bottom, i’ll be doing a half 9 and half 10 combination.

STYLING the hair

first, we’re going to use nvenn’s ‘replenish’ on amy’s hair. filled with vitamin e, avocado oil, argan oil, and more- it fills the cracks and crevices of hair for a SMOOTH BLOWOUT.

second, i’m using nvenn’s ‘protect’ before applying heat to her hair with the blowdryer. this product is an amazing TEXTURE CHANGER, too.

and the look is COMPLETE! like any hairstyle, COLOR CORRECTIONS take time and effort. you have to really analyze the client’s hair individually to attain the perfect look. if you have any questions, leave them bellow. and subscribe to our channel @nvennhairbeauty! we do new videos every friday.

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