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how to COLOR EXTENSIONS to match hair color

jessica is here with us today to explain how to COLOR EXTENSIONS to match your hair COLOR. a few weeks ago nvenn released a video showing a color melt with extensions. this video showed the extensions creating the illusion of a COLOR melt. we received several questions about how the extensions were COLORED so jessica is here to break it down. 

want all the formulas? click here to get the cheat sheet

COLORING the band

jessica has her three COLORS mixed. the formulas will differ depending on what COLORS you choose. the base COLOR of the extensions will be whatever the root COLOR is of your client. for this set, jessica is going for a strawberry blonde gradient. The extensions will flow from a brunette shade for the roots, into a beautiful light auburn tone for the mid-shafts and then into a light strawberry blonde COLOR for the ends.

for this COLOR MELT jessica begins by applying COLOR to the band that holds the extensions together. you don’t need to worry too much about fading the base COLOR down meticulously just yet. just COLOR the band first about 1 inch down. you with feather it down a little more once your get the mid shaft COLOR on.

next, jessica will FLIP the extensions and REPEAT the process on the other side of the band.

when jessica flips the extension back over we can already see that the COLOR is beginning to OXIDIZE.

applying the MID-TONE

jessica is going to apply the mid tone COLOR now. make sure to go all the way up to the band of the base COLOR.

PROTIP:  be sure that all off the strands lay flat and straight down. we want to avoid it pulling and leaving random streaks of darkness in the extensions.

once jessica has placed this finished painting on the midtone, she’ll move back to working with the base COLOR. she is going to turn her brush VERTICALLY and feather in the base COLOR downwards.

PRO TIP: make sure to FEATHER the COLOR onto the hair to create a DIFFUSED transition between the 2 tones.

you want to be sure to SPREAD OUT the hairs and feather the COLOR onto the inside as well. be sure to add subtle differences in the feathering to avoid a dip dye look.

PRO TIP: it is always important to make sure that the hair is fully saturated and especially important when you’re working with extensions. extension hair doesn’t grab hair COLOR as readily as natural hair because of the protective coating that is usually found on them.

again, you'll see jessica is adding a variation in the amount of dark on the outside and within the thickness of the sections. this will create the diffused gradient we are looking for.

once the first side is finished we will flip it over to the other side.

you can see that because we feathered the COLOR into the strands we have a general GUIDELINE for where the COLOR should be on this side.

PRO TIP: keep in mind that this is a COLOR melt and you want to melt it in the direction that the COLOR is fading. this means we will be melting it downward.\

again be sure you are spreading the hairs open to apply the COLOR to all the strands.

here is the hair with the first 2 COLORS applied.

you can see how the COLOR MELTS from the dark to the mid-tone. the look is very diffused with NO HARSH LINES.

painting the COLOR on the ENDS

with the last COLOR you don't have to be as careful. be sure to really spread out the hairs and get each strand on the inside of the extensions. we want the extensions to be SATURATED.

once you complete this side repeat on the other side and then allow COLOR on the extensions to fully process.

PROTIP: be sure to check your extensions while they are processing because they may need to process a little longer. extensions need to process a bit longer than natural hair. jessica recommends an extra 5-10 minutes. that being said, we also do not want to leave the COLOR on too long. extension hair is technically not supposed to be COLORED. leaving the COLOR on too long will ruin the integrity of the extensions.

here are the extensions PROCESSED and WASHED

look at that BEAUTIFUL transition.

if you have any questions or comments, leave them in the section below. let us know what kind of styles and tutorials you want to see in the future, and be sure to like and subscribe @nvennhairbeauty. stay tuned for a new video every week <3 xoxo.


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