how to color hair WITHOUT chemicals on scalp

hey guys. so we're here with brittany today. we're going to do a pretty fun color job. so we're going to be getting rid of her root color. we're going to make sure it BLENDS from root to ends. 

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her ends are quite dark on the ends here. i would say they'd probably be about a LEVEL 3. 

black hair color

and here she has a little bit of natural, but she also has a little bit of color right there. so now what we're going to do is, we're going to color this down to match her ends. 

the NATURAL route

but one thing that me and brittany had talked about is that she likes to be more natural and she doesn't like to put a lot of chemicals onto her scalp or onto her skin. and i totally get that.

so, with hair color, it's come a long way. and the thing is is that yes, they do have chemicals in there, but a lot of them aren't, are SAFE, and they've been tested for decades and decades and decades. and so, we always encourage our clients to do what they're comfortable with, but you're always gonna have people that want to go kind of zero chemicals and not have it touch their skin or scalp at all. so what we're going to do a little bit different of a color process. 

i'm actually going to be doing a back to back foil. so we're not going to be touching her scalp. we're not going to be coloring it from roots to ends, like how you typically would see a color. and yet we're going to put her whole head into foils. so what we're going to do is we're going to get in as close as we possibly can to the scalp with the foils, and we're gonna do them in thin enough sections so we don't have super thick foils that pushes the color basically further from the scalp.

so if we do thinner sections, we're going to be able to get in really nice and tight. but leave that just about a millimeter to two millimeters of space so that she's not getting any color on her scalp. 

scalp hair color

so this is going to be something that you can use on your clients that's more health conscious. right now there's a huge movement towards healthy living, toxin-free chemical free. and so this is manic organic. and so this is a really good way for you to keep a client that maybe is thinking about getting rid of color or get a client that is really looking to maybe change up their natural hair color, but they really don't want that chemical touch onto their scalp. so, and think about it this week guys, this is going to help you build your business. it's going to help attract more clients. it's going to also help you put more dollars into your bank account because this service doing a back to back foil is not a simple service. it's a double foil. and guess what? you guys get to charge accordingly for it!

getting started

this is what brittany's hair looks like. now you can see she has this brown color for her roots and then her ends are a darker color. 

color matching ends

we're color matching her ends right now and we can see i have a LEVEL 3 put up against it and we can tell that that matches perfectly. so that's what we're going to be going in to color the ROOTS. 

color matching roots

all right, we have her hair all SECTIONED OUT. what we have is four quadrants, all the way around her head.

four sections of hair

what you guys want to do is you want to make sure that we are using her PART LINE and sectioning out the front two quadrants. the reason why we're going to do that is because we are going to really make sure on the top and in the fronts that we're getting this as close as possible so that we're not going to see any lines of DEMARCATION between her natural hair and the dark color. 

hair sectioned in four

here are her first two quadrants of her head. all FOILED. 

sections foiled up


all right, you can see now we have most of brittany's hair, all foil. i'm going to show you what we're doing here on this top little section. so in here you can see around the front, this is very important. she has a lot of like little tiny baby hairs. so you're going to have to make sure to put these in the foils. and if you do not, she's going to have these HALOS of bright, natural color. 

so what i'm going to do is i'm going to be putting this stuff into its own little foil. we're coming, we're taking a foil underneath all the little hairs like that. so we're making sure to catch them all and that we're really TAUT AND TIGHT to this is the scalp.

we're doing very THIN SECTIONS. and the thinner the sections we do, the closer to the scalp that we could get. so we're painting in very, very close to the scalp, to the edge of the foil here.

thin sectioning

it's about a MILLIMETER that's not being colored, which would be like a week later anyways. it really is not that much growth anyway. and then we fold that up. we could see how close to the edge or right to the scalp. so we're gonna work our way through and we're going to continue this all the way up and then we're done with that.

okay, so as we get to the part here, this is very important. this is where her part line is, so we're going to bring the foils in as close as we possibly can. again, making sure that all of these little hairs in here are colored so that we don't have any, just stray light brown reddish hairs that are not colored. 

foils completed

all right, we have brittanys foils ALL DONE. now check them out. so we got them all packed in there very well. okay, so once we let it process, we're going to rinse it out. now i'll show it to you afterwards so you can see what it looks like.

hair foiled up

now we're going to take the foils out and we're going to add a little bit of water to EMULSIFY before we wash it out.

emulsify with water

SAME results, LESS chemicals

all right, there you guys have it. now brittany's hair's all done. you don't see that big amount of light brown where it goes into dark, dark, dark brown and look at her roots. 

black roots

so we can see really up close right when we get in there that there is just the slightest amount, one millimeter of natural. but you can't tell, you cannot tell at all. i like brittany says, it kind of looks like she has like one week of growth that you really can't even notice a difference at all. look how nice and SHINY that is. so she gets the benefits of coloring her hair but not having any chemicals touch her scalp at all!

we used our 'replenish' restoration oil, so it is smells amazing it totally SOFTENS and RESTORES the hair. when brittany came in, we didn't cut it. we haven't colored at the ends but her, her ends were so dry and a little bit split, but just with that oil in it, all it does is just goes in and fills the cracks and crevices. 

so go check our website and enter to try and win these products. you can have beautiful soft hair like this and this! it's all pure essential oils. it's got its own aromatherapy blend in there. so no cheap fragrances, no cheap scents.

okay guys, if you have any questions, leave a comment below. we'll make sure to get right back to you. we put out videos every friday and we'll see you guys next week. bye! 

p.s.- go check out brittany. michael checks instagram as well. she's killing it on there, so if you want any personal branding stuff, anything about social media, she's your girl!

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