how to color TOPPER extensions

hello everyone! jessica is here today to explain how to color TOPPER hair extensions.

these pieces are growing increasingly popular and we have many clients ordering them.

unfortunately, you cannot foil these like you would a regular extension. if we were to foil them we would get a very stripy look. instead, we are going to color this topper using a PINWHEEL pattern to give us a diffused finish,

getting started

jessica will start by clipping this hairpiece to a mannequin head to make it easier to work with. the first thing that she will do is section off this hairpiece into FOUR SECTIONS.

jessica has already highlighted this topper once before. you can see a detailed demonstration of this in their ‘using the pinwheel pattern for chunky highlights’. since this topper is already highlighted, jessica will have to follow the pattern of the highlights. she could do the pinwheel pattern again but there is a much easier way to do it!

there is a fast way you can touch up these chunky highlights! it can be done by doing weaves. for an in-depth explanation, watch this tutorial.

jessica wants to DARKEN the lowlights to be a level 5 and to TONE the blonde highlights down to a level 9.

PRO TIP: extensions really grab color! jessica wants the lowlights to look like a level 5, so she has a natural level 7 mixed in her bowl! extensions grab color so much that a 7N will look like a 5N.

the pattern

jessica separates out small SECTIONS at a time to give her a chance to see what is light and dark.

she will now weave out the hair that she wants to foil.

make sure to FULLY SATURATE all of the hair. again, extension hair colors differently than hair that is still attached to someone’s head. if there are spots that weren’t fully saturated, it will be very obvious.

she is going to foil all of the lowlights to a level 7.

PRO TIP: drape all of your blonde ends to one side so that they will be easy to tone after.

PRO TIP: be sure to fold the foil right on the line of color to prevent it from sliding.

you will foil the entire hairpiece with this pattern, then let it PROCESS.

PRO TIP: as mentioned in the how to dye extensions to match hair color blog extension hair processes differently than real hair too. be sure to check your extensions periodically to make sure they are processing properly. jessica has colored many extensions; sometimes they process faster and sometimes they process slower. make sure to check them to ensure they reach the correct color BEFORE WASHING them.

all done

here you can see the FINISHED TOPPER. it looks nice and diffused.

if you’re going to color a topper that doesn't happen to have highlights already, jessica recommends doing the pinwheel pattern ensure a DIFFUSED finish.

if you have any questions about how to color your topper extensions please leave a comment below.

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see you next week!! xoxo

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