how to: schwarzkopf COLORMELTER with lilac shadow root


it’s been 6 weeks since cora dyed her hair, and today we’re looking to remove the ion blue from her ends in favor of warmer tones. the end result will be a beautiful LILAC SHADOWED ROOT with touches of cotton candy pink and blush tones from the pulp riot line.

we’ll be testing two products:

  1. the pravana creme lightener with ‘no lift’: they claim this stuff to be the BEST direct dye remover and today we’re going to find out if it’s true.
  2. the schwarzkopf color melter: this tool is supposed to help stylists achieve a COLOR MELT quicker and easier than traditional methods.

we can see that her ends have bit compromised with a bit of damage, so we’re going to give her hair a trim before putting the color remover on.

with the trim all said and done, we’re ready to start applying the COLOR REMOVER.

applying the COLOR REMOVER

we’re going to begin by dividing the hair into four even sections. we’ll apply the color remover to the BLUEST parts of the hair first.


after 10 minutes with the pravana color remover in, cora’s hair is still pretty blue but the purple pigments are pretty much gone.


after we’ve waited a full 35 minutes, the pravana color remover has removed the majority of the blue pigment. we’re going to wash the color remover from cora’s hair and reapply if needed.


though the color remover has succeeded in lifting the blue pigment from the left side of cora’s head, we’re going to need apply to the right side where this a great deal of residual blue pigment.


after the SECOND TREATMENT of color remover, cora’s hair is a blank canvas once more :)


after a quick toner treatment, we’re ready to move on to the COLOR.

coloring the HAIR

first, we’re going to create a LILAC SHADOWED ROOT on the top layer of cora’s hair.  for this, we’ll lightly paint the lilac color onto the hair and feather the color for a natural shadowed root.


after a wash and dry, cora’s LILAC SHADOWED ROOT is done.


now it’s time to use the schwarzkopf COLOR MELTER.

we’re going to apply all three of the colors using a SPONGE. that being said, it’s extremely important to have your plan for coloring the hair nailed out.

cora likes to wear a deep side part, so we’re going to going to create a TEARDROP shaped section on top of her head and clip it aside.

now we’re ready to start using the sponge and creating the COLOR MELT. you’ll want to grab sections that are as thick as the sponge.

we’ll continue this across cora’s head, making sure to STAGGER sections to create an even flow of color.

we’ll continue this pattern all the way around the head, let the dye set, and prepare for styling. directly after we wash her our, we’ll use some ‘replenish’ restoration oil to protect against damage as well as some ‘fix’ flexible hair spray to help add volume to her hair.

the final product is BEAUTIFUL!


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