how to create ASHY BLONDE on east indian hair

hello lovelies! we're here today with karen and as you can see she has a TON of long, beautiful hair. she's been letting her hair grow out for about a year since her last color appointment and she has a lot of new growth

today jessica is going to bring karen’s SHADOWED ROOT up. you can see our shadowed root tutorial here.

for this video, jessica is going to show you how to lift DARK ETHNIC HAIR. this is extra tricky to blend when you are dealing with as much regrowth as our friend karen here. we want to make sure we lift enough so that there is a seamless transition with no bands of color.

we’re also going to lighten her ends just a bit to get rid of any brassy tones and make the hair just a little lighter. after that, we'll show you how to formulate different toners to get a seamless result.

here you can get a better view of just how much new growth karen has after just a year! her hair grows really fast.

she seriously has a ton of hair! look at the beautiful length!

SECTIONING and LIGHTENING the shadowed root

ethnic hair is very coarse and usually requires a bit more time to process. coarser hair can usually withstand lightener being left on a little bit longer. for most ethnic hair, jessica usually starts with one of the back quadrants and bumps up her developer as she works her way to the front. bumping up the developer ensures that all of the sections process evenly.

jessica is using a BLONDME 20 VOL. with continuum and blue additive. starting with the back left quadrant and working around the back to the front of the head, jessica will begin to slowly work a little bit of 30 VOL. into each new section.

PROTIP: when mixing lighteners, remember less is more. you want to be re-mixing smaller batches, more frequently to keep the lightener strong and fresh. FULL LIFTING power is important, ESPECIALLY for ethnic hair.

here you can see karen’s hair with all the foils in place and lightener applied to her regrowth.

next, jessica will apply a lightener to the ends of karen’s hair to remove any brassy tones and give the ends a bit of a boost.

here you can see karen’s hair is processing very evenly. the cool additive can make things tricky. make sure to rub away the blue when you're checking to see if it's lifted enough. the blue additive can make the hair look lighter than it actually is.

TONING the hair

with the lightener washed out, you can see that there is some banding. there are places where karen’s hair is a bit more gold, and some places where the hair is more orange, etc. jessica is going to mix a few different toners to neutralize the unwanted tones and eliminate the unwanted bands of color.

to neutralize gold, she will need a toner formula with violet and to neutralize orange, she'll need a toner formula with blue. THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS TO GREAT HAIR! each different band of color will require a different toner formula. to learn more about the law of color click here.

after that jessica will style the hair with nvenn products to nourish and re-hydrate the hair.

STYLING the hair

jessica is styling karen’s hair using the nvenn ‘blowout kit’, which consists of 5 fabulous natural  products from the nvenn line.

jessica will first apply nvenn ‘replenish’ to karen’s hair. this product contains a blend of oils, botanical extracts, and vitamins that help TAME FLYAWAYS, and add SHINE to the hair, leaving you with hair that is healthy, shiny, smooth, silky, and conditioned. it REDUCES FRIZZ and is great for any hair in need of moisture.

next up is a bit of nvenn ‘volume ’ heat activated WEIGHTLESS MOISTURIZER. this product has a bit of tackiness for holding power to help amplify body and give the hair fullness.

next up, jessica applies nvenn ‘protect’ heat shield to form a thermal barrier against the damaging effects of heat tools. ‘protect’ creates a thin protective layer on the hair so that heat tools burn that rather than burning your hair. hot tools such as straighteners and curling irons are hot enough to cook an egg and they can definitely cook your hair! it's imperative that you use a heat protectant such as nvenn ‘protect’ when you heat style to prevent cooking your hair.

the FINISHED look

after a power dry, and a blowout with a flat brush, finish the look with nvenn ‘smooth’.

nvenn ‘smooth’ is infused with silk proteins and wild cherry bark extract and is great for SEALING split ends and TAMING flyaways.

you can see the final result of karen’s transformation. it’s a lovely diffused transition with subtle ashy undertones from roots to ends.

we love karen’s new hair, and she is overjoyed with it.

if you have any questions or comments, leave them in the section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. let us know what you think of this look, and if there are any looks you would like to see in the future!

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