how to create SHORT LAYERS on LONG hair

today we are here with our client krissia, and as you can see she has beautiful long hair.

for this week’s video, jessica is going to be showing us how to do SHORT LAYERS on LONG HAIR.

creating the LAYERS

after wetting krissia's hair just enough so that it is damp, but not sopping wet, we begin by cutting the PERIMETER to clean up any split ends.

next, we section the hair into four.

to create the first section you are going to take a section of hair that is about an inch wide across the back of the head and pull straight up and cut the guide for where you want the shortest layers to fall.

with the guide cut done, you are going to take a PIE SECTION from the center  back of the hair and pull it straight up. you are then going to cut and connect the hair from the longest part to your previously cut guide section. you are going to repeat this same process with the next pie section, while over-directing the hair to the previous section.

PRO TIP: When cutting your sections to match up to the guide length, be sure to watch for, and eliminate any ‘corners’ or harsh angles.

if you want to maintain more length in the back, you can OVERDIRECT the hair behind the ears STRAIGHT BACK and continue the same cutting technique. if you don’t wish to maintain length in the back, overdirect the hair to the same point as the guide sections.

you are going to repeat this same process on the other half of the head until the back section is complete.

when you get to the ear, pull the hair straight up and match to the lengths from the guide you cut at the beginning to the longest part of the hair.

PRO TIP: it is not uncommon for clients to have more breakage on the sides of the hair and around their face, so if the perimeter happens to drop out when you comb the hair up, then leave those pieces alone

once you have worked your way to the front section, depending on how much length you want to maintain, you can either OVERDIRECT the hair of each new section to the previous one, or you can over direct the hair to the top of the ear.

as you can see, krissia now has even face framing layers on either side.

we also removed a lot of the thickness and created a beautifully textural layered transition.

this is the best way to layer long full hair like krissia’s.


with the cut, color and style all finished, you can see that her LAYERS transition evenly across her head. And her hair is nice and soft thanks to our wonderful nvenn natural hair products!

if you're interested in seeing the color process, tune in next week to see our blog on how to create a smokey SILVER BALAYAGE

if you have any questions or comments, leave them in the section below and be sure to like & subscribe @nvennhairbeauty and stay tuned for a new video every friday!

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