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how to cut and highlight CURLY MEN'S hair

sam has very CURLY HAIR.  he’s growing in his beard and he’s got a lot of red and blonde tones shining through. we’re going to mimic the colors appearing naturally in his beard his hair by HIGHLIGHTING his hair with a balayage technique and creating awesome CHESTNUT highlights.

the reason we’ve chosen a balayage is because it looks and grows in more NATURALLY. we wouldn’t recommend getting a solid chestnut color in this situation because it may be too overpowering and drastic for what sam is looking for. a BALAYAGE will work best with sam’s natural base for mimicking darker tones and lighter reds in his beard.

sam also won’t need to recolor his hair as often. since he wears his hair short on the sides and back, a solid color would need to be redone every time he got a fresh haircut. balayage highlights are much easier for men (and women) that do not want to recolor their hair as often.



we’re going to start at the front of the head and move backwards. stagger the amount of highlighting section by section to give a diffused line from dark to light. also incorporate different size weaves (fine, medium, and chunky) to give a variety of dimension to the highlights.

how to cut and highlight curly hair 1

because the hair is so curly, you don’t have to be as precise as you would with straighter hair.  the curl helps it to blend naturally.

incorporate the different size weaves and alternate section by section until all the foils are applied.

how to cut and highlight CURLY MEN'S hair 3

with the foils complete, we’re going to let his hair process for about 10 minutes.  as he doesn’t want extreme highlights, he won’t need as much time in the foils.

how to cut and highlight CURLY MEN'S hair 4

with 10 minutes spent processing, he’s ready to wash out and tone.


TONING the hair


we’re going to use a 634 to give a very rich color to the HIGHLIGHTS.

how to cut and highlight CURLY MEN'S hair 5

once the toner has processed, we’re ready to CUT the hair.  as it dries, you’ll be able to see the CHESTNUT tones peeking through.


CUTTING the hair

we’re going to clean the sides of his hair up and leave the top full. 


the SIDES and BACK of the head  

we’ll start by doing scissor over comb around the head. .

how to cut and highlight CURLY MEN'S hair 6

next, use texture shears to take out the weight.

then, groom around his hairline with trimmers.

how to cut and highlight CURLY MEN'S hair 8

  lastly, clean the neck line with a straight razor.

the TOP of the head

sam wants to keep the top full and long, so we’re not going to do much. we’ll trim the interior of the hair towards the back of his hair to take a little of the bulkiness out.  otherwise, we’ll be doing a simple trim to keep his hair healthy.

and now his CUT and HIGHLIGHTS are all done! 

you can see that the red is peering through, but not overbearing. most guys will want to keep their color pretty natural, so you want to stick with a technique like the BALAYAGE to keep the colors flowing.

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