how to cut CURLY HAIR: to be worn straight and natural

today i’m going to show you how to CUT CURLY hair that can be worn natural or straight using our model, dr. natasha iyer. when dr. iyer’s hair is WET it’s a very FRIZZY and fro like. how you cut CURLY HAIR and straight hair is going to be completely different.


can we have it BOTH ways?

the question is, can you cut hair to wear BOTH ways? you can, but it’s not ideal for both. you want to ask the client how they are going to wear their hair. dr. iyer decided that we are going to cut her hair curly. she likes to wear her hair STRAIGHT about 70% of the time and CURLY the other 30% of the time.

starting with the CURLY HAIR

i’m going to start off cutting the hair WET and CURLY. then i’m going to BLOW DRY the hair, FLAT IRON,  and cut it STRAIGHT.

using a WIDE TOOTH COMB i’m going to SLOWLY brush through the curls. i want to make sure that the hair is EVENLY SATURATED with water. the water is going to give it the natural curl shape.

TRIMMING the hair

taking a look at the PERIMETER of the hair you can see where it needs to be STRAIGHTENED OUT and TRIMMED. make sure to EVEN OUT any of the CURLS that seem out of place.

cutting CURLY hair is a very VISUAL process. you want to locate where the WEIGHT is in the hair and where CURLS need to be touched up. when dealing with weighted curly hair it’s very important so the hair does not become overly FRIZZY.

i’m taking a look at the section where most of the WEIGHT of the CURLS are. i’m making sure everything is EVEN an all CURLS are in place. this will make the end result a nice ROUND FULL SHAPE.

it’s important that you SHAPE the hair into its NATURAL form because curl has a ‘MIND OF ITS OWN.’ the goal is to not have any visible pieces sticking out of the hair.

when cutting hair similar to this TEXTURE it’s important to understand that you are not going to have a uniform shape. i like to refer to this as a ‘HEDGE CUTTING’.

adding PRODUCT

here you can see how the hair is going to sit curly. it’s got a very nice shape in it. i am going to be adding in nvenn ‘texture‘ whipped paste. it is a very LIGHTWEIGHT product that is perfect for this type of COARSE hair. this will give me the ability to BLOW DRY the hair out STRAIGHT so it is SLICK and SMOOTH.

following that, i’m using nvenn replenish’ strength restoration oil. this oil adds a ton of SHINE and MOISTURE to the hair.

i am going to be using the nvenn ‘fix’ flexible working hairspray to HOLD the texture. with this type of hair, it’s going to need some EXTRA HOLD to keep the SHAPE during the BLOWDRY process.


lastly, we are going to be using nvenn ‘protect’  heat shield. it’s important to use a HEAT PROTECTANT when we are blow drying hair at this high temperature. this will act as a BARRIER so we’re not creating EXCESSIVE damage while STRAIGHTENING the hair.

the SECOND trim

her hair is now straightened, now we are going to take a look at the PERIMETER of the hair to make sure it is EVEN. you’re going to cut off any extra pieces that we see.

now we are going to continue with the cut as if we were cutting STRAIGHT hair. we are going to be REMOVING the SPLIT ENDS and notching in deep to lighten up the hair.

CURLY hair does need WEIGHT but being that dr. iyer wears her hair straight 70% of the time we want to take out some of the ‘BLOCKINESS’. we are going to WORK THROUGH the hair and add some uniformity to the haircut. we don’t want any pieces that look out of place. again, we’re making sure we heavily analyze the hair so we can remove some of the WEIGHT (because she has a lot of hair).

around the front of the face, its a very VISUAL process to make sure a hair is not out of place. i’m going to REMOVE some of the TEXTURE around her face. i am using a SLIDE CUTTING technique to add TEXTURE to the hair and to prevent TEARING with the shears.

the end result  

after the full haircut and styling, you can see the lovely TEXTURE that she has as its laying straight.

thank you for tuning in while we go over how to cut hair both STRAIGHT and CURLY. we release a new blog every week and make sure to subscribe to @nvennhairbeauty.


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