how to cut my dads hair from home

hello everyone. today i'm going to be showing you how to cut your dad's hair AT HOME

rod's dad was kind enough to join me as my model today. 

today, we are going to cut his hair with the clippers that found at their house. we're going to do a TRADITIONAL CUT that is short on the sides, longer on top. 

so we're going to start with the sides. i'm going to take a number two CLIPPER GUARD

PROTIP: so this is your first time cutting hair at home. if you look at the clippers and move this lever, you can move the BLADES closer together or further apart. and if it's your first time, i would suggest you move them further apart. so if you make a mistake, you can blend it easily.


beginning with the SIDES

we are going to start with the sides. all you're going to do is lay the top of the CLIPPER right along their head.

PRO TIP: DON’T follow the head shape all the way around. This will create a ‘q-tip’ shape. just move the clippers straight up until you are JUST BELOW the widest part of the head to prevent from rounding the corners.

run the clippers along the side of their head and just go straight up and maintain the ANGLE until there is nothing left to cut (right now all we're going to be doing is just the perimeter).

PRO TIP: the hair tends to look longer right by their temples where their head shape dips in. make sure to adjust your clipper angle to cut that part of their hairline SHORT ENOUGH.

PROTIP: drug store clippers aren’t as strong as professional clippers so you may have to move SLOWLY to ensure that you are cutting all their hair. that being said, they will still get the job done though.

Here behind his ears, you can see that his hair grows in DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS. it grows behind the ear and down , and then it also grows on top of the ear and towards the face. To make sure that the finished result is an equal length, you'll need to run the clippers over their head from all directions.

you're going to come in at ONE ANGLE, and then you're also going to go from the other direction. you can actually see how many different growth patterns he has spread out across his scalp.

now you're just going to continue this all the way around the PERIMETER of the hair - approximately an inch up from the bottom. 

again, watch the angle of your clippers.  avoid allowing your clippers to curve inwards as their head curves. keep the angle STRAIGHT as the head curves up and in.


CLEANING the edges

i'm going to take the guard right off to clean up his edges. 

PROTIP: with more MATURE HAIR, you don't want to take the edges too short because then it almost looked like they have a little bit of an undercut. as we age, our hairline starts to recede (some more than others). leaving the hairline slightly longer will prevent the cut from accentuating any hair recession. 

i'm just going to clean up any hair that's clearly not supposed to be there and then carefully blend in the bottom so that it doesn't have a harsh line. 

now for the TOP

i have put on my NUMBER FOUR GUARD and we're going to finish off this cut. i am just going to go around everything left on the top of the head. 

the great thing about using guards is that it prevents you from cutting any hair that’s already shorter than your selected length. because his sides were cut with a number two, a number four can't cut any of those hairs any shorter.

you can see how there's a LEDGE in the hair here. all i'm going to do is just run right over everything with this number four clipper guard and it'll blend out any harsh lines.


here's a haircut. all done. 

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