how to cut SHAGGY BANGS

hello everyone, and welcome to todays video!

today’s video is going to be all about how to cut the SHAGGY BANG.

i get asked every single day, how i get my bangs to look like this. so, i thought, ‘why don't i shoot a video to show all of you’!?

there are three differences between making bangs like mine with a little bit of shag, as opposed to that straight across fringe that is a very bold, blunt look.

usually, i DO NOT RECOMMEND anyone doing DIY anything at home. but, with these bangs- whats really signature about the look is that they are super long. and its unrealistic to expect anyone to be in the salon that often. personally, i trim my bangs every 4-5 DAYS.

when to trim

so for me, i know i need to trim my bangs when i can't see (haha). as you can see, they are HITTING my eyelash and making my eyelashes lay flat a little. another indication is my bangs splitting weirdly.

we want to wait until this point because if you cut them too short, it takes away the look of this type of bang.


you're going to need a MIRROR to see what you are doing, a pair of nice SHARP cutting scissors.

my scissors are very long if you don't feel comfortable with ones that long, find shorter ones.

the problem with DIY is that you probably don’t have a good pair of shears at home. usually, kitchen shears or the shears you get from a drug store catch and don't fall nice and SMOOTH as higher quality scissors would. this leaves some JAGGED ends or ends the hair in an odd way which isn't ideal.

you will also need a COMB.

usually, i will do this over the sink for easy clean-up as i can just wash the hairs down the drain. this time, i am using a TOWEL instead. i will lay this towel across my chest and neck to mimic a salon cover.

SHAGGY BANG characteristics

the bangs signature CHARACTERISTICS are-

1.they are very long, pretty much in your eyes.

2.the TRICK that makes them sit straight and not fall in your eyes is: the middle section is the only part of the bangs that sits above the eyelashes.

3.then right above the MIDDLE of your eyes, they start to lengthen out and down. you want that extra length because once they get a little too long to sit straight across, they just feather open, giving it the shaggy look.

every 4-5 days i am typically cutting the CENTER. every 2-3 weeks i cut the side. you'll need to cut the side when they are long enough to tuck behind your ears.

CUTTING the bangs

to get started, POSITION the bangs down how you want them to fall.

then, we will start by cutting the center part.

PRO TIP: be very careful to not cut the bangs too short. if they are too short, they lose the shaggy look completely. when i trim every 4-5 days, i’m only cutting MILLIMETERS off. those trims may seem excessive but its worth the effort.

coming in right above the inner part of the eye, trim the TINIEST amount of the ends, being sure to hold the shears straight across.

when i look closely, they are long, but not in my eyes.

moving onto the sides, it is very important to BRUSH all of the hair down before starting. as i brush my hair down you can see the ends are falling past my eyelashes- indicating that they need to be trimmed.

so, now holding my shears at a SLIGHT UPWARDS ANGLE, i trim those hairs just a tiny bit. you need to be ever so careful to not snip your eyelashes!

here you can see the first side completed, the hairs just hug the eye gently.

the when you look at the side i have not yet cut, it fans out over.

after i TRIM the second side,i comb all the hairs down to check that they are laying just how i want.

keep in mind that they don't have to be perfect as we are going for a shaggy look.

lastly, you are going to POINT CUT into them to break up the perimeter. to do this, comb the hairs straight down and grabbing them in between your fingers.

using your shears and going in vertically. you need to be sure to do this VERTICALLY because if you turn the shears even a little bit to an angle you will leave a huge chunk out of your bangs.

i go in like this across the whole length of the bangs.

SECTIONING the bangs

if you are not a hair stylist i DON'T RECOMMEND you cutting these bangs for the first time yourself. this tutorial is more for touch-ups. if you happen to cut them too thick or section the hair incorrectly, the bangs could look too blunt and not shaggy.

if you are a hair stylist or have the experience, let's break down how to section these bangs.

you will take a comb and ROCK IT at the front of your head until it rests at an angle like this.

from there you will comb forward the hairs that fall in FRONT of that. now, we all need to MEASURE our client's hair because we all have different densities. this is just to show a general measure of how to have the hair sit like this.

for thick bangs, you will start the sectioning a little FURTHER BACK. for thinner wispy bangs you will section CLOSER to the face.

i have seen some serious bang mishaps happen where people take the sectioning and start it way back on the head and the bang ends up falling wider, about here. this makes the top layer look odd and won't fall properly to frame the face.


after a final check, DUST YOUR FACE off from the tiny hairs and you are done!

well, there you have it. my bangs are fresh and perfect again!

if you have any questions or comments please leave them below. we release new videos every friday so subscribe to our channel to stay in the loop!

other than that, have a beautiful weekend and always remember that there are never shortcuts to great hair! bye!


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