how to CUT SHORT HAIR: the textured pixie

veronica here! today i’ve got mona in my chair. i’m going to show you how to do a TEXTURED PIXIE CUT. there is a fine line when cutting SHORT HAIR. if you’re not delicate, you can cross the line from feminine into masculine.

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short hair cut back


it’s easy to see mona’s growth patterns. this is her hair after it has grown out for a few months. it is very important to take this into account when cutting short hair.

cutting the BOTTOM of the head


short hair cut bottom

when CUTTING SHORT HAIR, i prefer to cut it dry so i can easily see how it naturally sits and the growth patterns. i will lightly spritz a bit of water on it to get out any kinks in the hair. i use vertical sections, starting in the center of the head, and moving out to the sides.


short hair sectioning back


i’m pulling the hair straight out from the head and holding my hand parallel to the nape as i cut. i’m starting in the center and working my way outwards. i am creating an EVEN LENGTH around the nape.


short hair back of cut


after cutting vertically, i’m cross checking my work by taking horizontal sections to ensure the hair is uniform and no hairs are sitting out of place. i am leaving the final touches of the PERIMETER for the end.

the MIDSECTION of the hair


short hair sectioning top


i’m starting by sectioning off the top HORSESHOE of the head. to gently wet the hair, i’m spraying down my comb and combing it through the head. this allows me to smooth out any kinks while still having the hair sit in its natural shape.


short hair sectioning vertical


starting at the center back of the head, i’m pulling out VERTICAL sections. i’ll be layering these sections through the hair to create a uniform look.


short hair overdirect texturing


to connect the layers with the nape, pull the hair straight out from the head and hold it parallel to the scalp. cut out the corner that connects the two sections.

OVERDIRECT the hair around the ears back to the previous section to preserve length around the ears. i will perfect the hair around the ears once the hair is washed and styled.

short hair texturing front


as i approach the front of the face, i’m continuing to overdirect the hair back to preserve length in the front. this will all be tweaked once the hair is styled.

afterwards, i will cross check using diagonal sections to ensure the hair is cut uniform and even.

the TOP of the head


short hair texturing top of head


pay extra attention to the growth patterns. i’m pulling sections straight up from the head and cutting horizontally. this allows for uniform layers.

since this look is more TEXTURED and SOFT, i’m able to be more relaxed with my sectioning patterns. if you’re working on a more structured style, you’ll need to be more structured and use exact sections.


short hair round effect layers


to connect the top section with the sides, pull the hair out DIAGONALLY from the head and cut out the corner. this will create a round effect in the layers.



short hair textured sheers


with textured sheers, i’m softening the perimeter and taking out excess bulk. be very cautious when using textured sheers. use the tip of the sheers to ensure you aren’t taking too much weight away or overtexturzing the hair. i’ll repeat this process across the rest of the haircut.


nvenn texture whipped paste for short hair


with her hair washed, its time to style. i’m adding nvenn’s ‘texture’ to add more texture, volume, and hold to the hair without weighing it down. i’m working the product through my hands before working it in to mona’s hair.


finger drying short hair


now i’m drying the hair while using my fingers to create volume at the ROOT of the hair.

once styled, this is the time to perfect the edges of the entire cut. cut the perimeter to sit soft and textured.


short hair shave hairline


last but not least, i’ve shaved up into the hairline of the nape to get rid of the strong growth patterns. this allows the hair to sit flat without cowlicks. from here, i’ll be customizing the shape and getting rid of any stray hairs that don’t belong.


short hair back hairline


you see how SHAVING those growth patterns from the back of her hair help this style to lay flat properly.


short hair textured pixie cut



and i’m done! mona’s hair is complete. this TEXTURED PIXIE cut is a favorite amongst SHORT HAIR CUTS- and for good reason! it’s gorgeous. if you have any questions, comment or subscribe to our channel at @nvennhairbeauty

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