how to cut your boyfriends hair FROM HOME

typically veronica and i do not encourage DIY but challenging times call for a change. in today's video, i’m going to show you how to cut your boyfriend’s hair FROM HOME.

first things first, let’s set up your environment. To make cleaning easy, cover up any carpeted surfaces with a garbage bag or something you can easily roll up and throw away. 

let's dive in!

i’m working with:

  • drug store clippers
  • bobby pins
  • a comb
  • something to cover the carpet
  • a blanket to cover the boyfriend (or brother, or father, or any other male your quarantined with). 

prep : cutting the SIDES and BACK of the head

first, take a horseshoe SECTION the hair (all the hair from the widest part of the head and upwards) and clip it away. you’ll want to cut this section LAST. you want to cut the length at  parietal ridge (the widest point of the head) LAST because it can easily hide any mistakes you might make. 

with the top horseshoe section clipped away, i’m ready to start cutting. i’m going to be using a #2 guard (clipper size) on the SIDES and BACK of his head to start. 

here are a couple things you need to know about BEFORE we start cutting:

  1. KEEP YOUR CLIPPER ANGLE CONSISTENT as you move up the head.

a big mistake that happens often, is following the shape of their head with the clippers. you want to keep the clipper angle consistent as you move up the head otherwise you you’ll give them “rounded corners”. BASICALLY, that means their finished result would look a little bit like a Q-TIP.

  1. if the hair is really THICK and LONG, you can switch to a higher number clipper guard to remove the excess bulk first then return to the size 1 clippers once the hair has been cut down.
  2. the difference between female and male short hair cuts is that male heads typically have more of a SQUARE shape and female cuts have more of a ROUND shape.

PRO TIP: drug store clippers aren’t as strong as professional clippers. if you are using these, make sure you move the clippers slow enough to ensure the blade catches the hair to cut. 

at this point, i’ve trimmed the sides and the back.

i’m now going to put my #1 guard on to trim around the ears.

PRO TIP : run over the perimeter of the hair in ALL DIRECTIONS to ensure i get an even length around the edges. everyone has different growth patterns. cutting the hair in all directions will ensure that you have an even result.

as i move around the head, i’m making sure to move SLOWLY to get all of the hair cut. 

now that the cut is done, do a quick cut for any missed hairs. 

before i move on to the top, i’m going to clean his neckline and neck. SHAVE any area that should not have hair. 

again, i’m making sure to shave AGAINST the direction of growth.

to clean the area around their ears, turn your clipper SIDEWAYS and just use the corner of the blades. 

the TOP of the HEAD

i’m going to use the clippers on the top of the head without a guard. what that means is that it’ll cut anything it touches. be EXTREMELY CAREFUL to not knick them with the clippers or you may leave your boyfriend (or brother or father) with a BALD SPOT.

i’m going to be cutting his hair into a SQUARE SHAPE.

your first section will be STRAIGHT ACROSS the hairline (horizontal). since my clippers are not very strong, i’m using smaller sections that usual.

pull the hair straight up and cut it straight across.

you can clearly see how long the hair needs to be now. i’m going to use half of this section as a guide for how long my next section needs to be. continue this technique until you read the crown of their head.

now that the top is done, it’s time to blend in the top with the bottom. starting from the WHIRL (at the back of their head), comb all their hair down (in the direction that it grows). 

once all the hair is laying flat, you’ll be ready to connect the bottom section of the haircut to the top section!

Connecting the top and bottom sections of the haircut means to connect the LOWEST piece of the top section to the TOP piece of the bottom section.

pull the hair (at the corner of their head) straight out from their head and cut off any hair that gets in the way of connecting the ‘lowest piece of the top section’ to the ‘highest piece of the bottom section’.

STYLING the hair

last, but not least i’m going to use some ‘play’ strong hold cream. i’m warming the product in my hands a bit before WORKING it through the hair.

this is a pretty EASY cut to do, especially during quarantine times. leave a comment on this blog or on our Youtube channel @nvennhairbeauty to let us know if you’ll be trying this cut at home!

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